My Michael

Our cars are always clean. We have everything we need. He goes on all the scary rides. Occasionally (very occasionally), he’ll attempt to stop and relax He is the reason that we are able to live the wonderful and amazing life that we have. and I am so grateful for him, every single day. HappyContinue reading “My Michael”


The Great Chicken Integration!

So, last night at 10:00 just as I was about to take my shower and get my jammies on Michael said “come on outside, it’s time to move the chickens”…  of course my immediate response was ” really? seriously? you want to do that now? do we have to? how about tomorrow night?” Please!! HeContinue reading “The Great Chicken Integration!”

Salem 101: Bewitched!

This statue has become a landmark in Salem. Can you tell who it is?   Here’s a closeup of her face Of course, it’s the late Elizabeth Montgomery portraying Samantha Stevens on the Bewitched TV show! What child of the sixties doesn’t remember watching Samantha and all of her adventures? In June of 2005 thisContinue reading “Salem 101: Bewitched!”

Sweet Peas, Veggies and Herbs!

First of all, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions yesterday about what to do with the Green Monster! I’m newly energized and I’m  working hard on pulling that area together. I was feeling quite overwhelmed before I asked for your help.  Hopefully I’ll be able to share a photo of ourContinue reading “Sweet Peas, Veggies and Herbs!”

Early Morning Helpers

Early Sunday morning I went out to find my little guy taking care of the chickens. He’s heading over to tend to the babies, poop scraper in hand! Here he is hard at work, but if you look closely to the left you’ll notice an escape is underway. Uh oh! We have church soon andContinue reading “Early Morning Helpers”

Salem 101: A Walk around Salem Common

Yesterday I spent some time walking around Salem Common, a nine acre public park right in the middle of the city. It’s been public land for hundreds of years and was originally used as a pasture  in the 1600s, with ponds and a stream running though it. It was designated as a military training groundContinue reading “Salem 101: A Walk around Salem Common”