Another Great DC Stop–Georgetown Cupcake!

We visited lots of great museums, monuments and places of historical importance on our trip to Washington DC a few weeks ago. At the end of the day, after seeing all of those amazing places, it was all about the cupcakes for us!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it was really, really hot. 108Continue reading “Another Great DC Stop–Georgetown Cupcake!”


A Great Stop in DC—The US Botanic Garden, Children’s Garden

We were in Washington DC a few weeks ago and I treated myself to a walk in the US Botanic Garden.  I would have taken my  family with me for my walk but it was literally 108 degrees that day. They stayed in the cool air conditioned Smithsonian while I enjoyed the garden. Needless toContinue reading “A Great Stop in DC—The US Botanic Garden, Children’s Garden”

What’s Happening In the Garden– July 20th

It’s time for the Rose of Sharon to bloom! These are  everywhere right now. Mine are extra special to me because my sister sent them in an envelope a few years ago when they were about nine inches tall. We had two Rose of Sharon trees growing in this little spot. We moved one lastContinue reading “What’s Happening In the Garden– July 20th”

Tornados in Salem?

Yesterday afternoon we had a tornado warning here in Salem. Seriously, here, in Salem, Massachusetts…on the coast of New England, where we don’t get tornados. Blaire sent me this photo from downtown as the warning was issued.   Thank you Blaire!! Just as Blaire sent me the photo above, our cell phones sent my girlsContinue reading “Tornados in Salem?”

It’s a Small World

or maybe it’s a small blogosphere? There are lots of things that I’m enjoying about my little blog, but one of the most interesting and unexpected is the range of places in the world that people visit from.   It’s kind of amazing to me that someone in French Polynesia is checking out what we’re doingContinue reading “It’s a Small World”

Grandma’s Garden in Delaware

We were in Delaware a few weeks ago, visiting my mother-in-law. There’s so much to do down there, beaches, shopping, great places to eat… one of my favorite things about our trip is always her beautiful garden! The garden is breezy and fun, it’s always changing! This year the larkspur was wonderful. We caught itContinue reading “Grandma’s Garden in Delaware”

What’s Happening in the Garden — July 14th

July is kind of a funny month in the garden. It’s in-between in terms of blooming and beauty but it’s so hard at work! I love watching things grow and change at this time of year. Our potatoes are flowering! I didn’t know that potato flowers were this pretty. I have to apologize for theContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Garden — July 14th”

Awesome Camping, Right Here in Salem!

I love camping! This week I decided to pack the kids up and head down to Winter Island for a few days.  Winter Island is a city park that is an island (connected by a causeway) right on the ocean.  It has a few amenities like a very rustic bathhouse and a camp store butContinue reading “Awesome Camping, Right Here in Salem!”