Early Morning Helpers

Early Sunday morning I went out to find my little guy taking care of the chickens. He’s heading over to tend to the babies, poop scraper in hand!

Here he is hard at work, but if you look closely to the left you’ll notice an escape is underway.

Uh oh! We have church soon and they can’t be left to wander safely yet.

Winnie the Wonderdog wants to help!

This photo doesn’t exactly fit in to the story but my son enhanced it himself, and it’s a cute shot, so here it is!  I think he did a great job!

Getting back to what was happening… here’s little sister to the rescue!

She’ll help round them up again!

“Where should we go? How do we get back in there?”

“I’ll save you!”

She’s a great little chicken handler!

On to the big girls… it’s a tough life for these urban chicken kids!

Enjoy Everything!



  1. AmySue says:

    Very sweet, thanks for sharing.


  2. How cool that your kids are into taking care of the pets—and Winnie too!!!! Nice blog entry neighbor!!!


  3. oldhick54 says:

    How cool that your kids take care of the chickens– it was my chore when growing up and remains a pleasant memory….well, except for one altercation with a P.O.ed rooster!! Love that Winnie gets in on the action too!


  4. PJ Girl says:

    Your home looks so happy… chickens, children and smiles!


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