Salem’s Fourth of July in 130 Seconds

Yes, I’m always raving about the wonderful fireworks that we have here in Salem but do I ever get a photo of them? No way!  I try, but I’m just not there yet. So here’s a great video of our 4th of July celebration as it unfolds. If you look closely your sure to see Michael and the kids walking on the wharf 😉 .  Next post will be about gardening, I promise!    Enjoy!  Michele



  1. Blaire says:

    Michele- That is SOOOOOOOOOO awesome! What a beautiful view, huh?


    1. Isn’t it great Blaire? I knew you would like that 😉


  2. Susan Webber says:

    What a beautiful community you have portrayed in your blog over the past year. Except for the potentially brutal winters, seems like a nice place to retire to when the time comes.


    1. It is a wonderful place to live Susan. I think it’s likely that we’ll stay here into retirement. There’s always fun things to do and great friends and neighbors. It seems like theres a chance that some of our kids may be in the area, but you never know about that?


  3. Jonathan says:

    Many thanks to you and your blog for posting the above video. We’ve gotten a lot of referred traffic to our video from “” and we appreciate the additional viewers.

    Thanks again,
    Jonathan (Creator of “Salem’s Fourth of July in 130 Seconds”)


    1. Hi Jonathan! It’s an awesome video and my readers really enjoyed it! Thanks so much for making it!


  4. I love the USA says:

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