Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day from Incredibly Snowy Salem

We’ve received 87 inches of snow in Salem Massachusetts since January 23rd.

That’s a lot. 
IMG_8159Here’s the garden this morning. We’ve lost sight of the fence and picnic table. The chickens are in there somewhere.IMG_8158

The flowering plum tree is in danger of being completely covered.

IMG_8155Our front walk is a memory. It’s buried 89% of the time these days.

IMG_8156And I’m not sure that the Juneberry tree is going to make it. It’s always kind of fragile, even in good weather.

IMG_8152But we have puzzles to do.

IMG_8181And Michael gave me this pretty orchid for Valentine’s Day.

It’s still Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, even with 87 inches of snow!

IMG_8170 I had a good time taking photos of it..



Different backgrounds, different camera settings…

Who knew that one day I’d enjoy photographing orchids?IMG_8137Maddie and I think that life is pretty great like that.

In other news, I came across these onion seeds in the basement…IMG_8168Their from last year but if I can find some seed starting mix I think I’ll get them planted!

Spring will be here before we know it!

Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens to see blooms in gardens all over the world.

Those wonderful posts will fast forward you straight to springtime!

Stay warm and well,

Love,  Michele


  1. Oh, my goodness, Michele! When will it end? So happy that you have found some fun things to do inside. What could be sweeter than photographing orchids inside on a snowy day? I just love the orchid with the snowy window in the background! Planting seeds is a hopeful deed! Warm hugs… ♡


  2. Holy Moly! We have been hearing from many of our Boston customers that your area is getting walloped this year with snow. We are getting our fair share, about 3 1/2 feet and bitterly cold. Spring? Yes? It will be here, right? Stay safe and warm!


  3. That is crazy! So glad you have an pretty orchid to admire and puzzles! I love puzzles except they bring out the ocd in me. I can’t leave them alone until I get them done. Hope the snow is done for a while!


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