The Green Monster

No, It’s not Fenway Park… It’s my house. I have my very own Green Monster here in Salem  It’s what  Michael is calling this wall outside our back door that we painted a few weeks ago…

What should we hang on it or decorate with? Any thoughts or ideas are welcome! Yes I did go kind of bright with the paint color but we wanted it to be cheery and welcoming.. it’s always been a very dark space full of clutter, but it has such a nice view of the yard.  We wanted to brighten it up a little and make a nice place to sit for a few minutes.

I know that there are a few wonderful designers out there who might be reading…. share your thoughts please!  Comment away!


  1. I might paint the trim or the door that pretty coral/rose in the rug? Maybe hang some herbs to dry above the loveseat?


  2. that wall is just too one dimensional. needs texture. what about the beautiful wood piece go against that wall ? if not , do you have old tall shutters to hang or lean with support to put behind loveseat? or old windows? or different cool old frames to hang? think texture. also, find some cool little tables to put on each side of love seat. perhaps even a floor lamp. really-pretend it’s a room IN your home. how about a lower table or chest in front f loveseat too? i’d add more pillows and perhaps a larger rug. you can still use that rug on top or somewhere else. then add some little mason jars or… of fresh picked flowers often.
    just a start off the top of my head 🙂


    1. I agree, it’s flat and overwhelming, it does need texture! I love all of your ideas Deb! I’m heading to the basement to see what I can find down there. I think I have just about everything you suggested!


    1. We’ve been thinking about painting the wicker. We got that loveseat on our honeymoon almost twenty three years ago! It was a first couch and our only couch for quite a few years.. we have a white wicker rocker that’s in the garage being painted, I may put that out there too.


    1. I love that! I was looking around at Wall Sculpture type things over the weekend but didn’t find anything this nice, it was all kind of painted and plastic like… this has potential!


  3. I do agree it needs textures, and some how tone down the color. Actually, you need to add more pillows to the couch. Choose different neutrals, and add a pop of other colors with a larger rug. Then find some natural frames, or something for the walls. (plants too):) Good Luck, you are better than I when it comes to this.


  4. A live gecko or a pretend one? I don’t do reptiles in my yard but I must admit that geckos are really cute. I’m hoping to get this project done this week so I can post an update next week. I really appreciated all of the ideas that I got!


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