Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- November 2014

Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day!

Sometimes I have things blooming into the fall and sometimes I don’t. This has been a pretty forgiving fall with the exception of some snow storms that lasted for a few hours so we still have some color in the garden here in Salem, Massachusetts.

IMG_7596As I posted last month our lavender is still with us.IMG_7594 The stevia flowers are sweet, both in appearance and taste.

Actually the flowers aren’t sweet but the leaves sure are!IMG_7592 The snapdragons are always pretty hardy and this year is no exception.IMG_7590 This is the last little bit of a new ivory echinacea  that I just planted. I’m pretty excited about this addition. I think it’s going to mirror the traditional purple echinacea just across from it nicely.IMG_7588 We still have rose buds but I’m worried about this one. Are those little thorns evidence of rose rosetta disease? What do you think? IMG_7587 I have lots of grasses scattered around and I love the transformation that they make at this time of the year when they “bloom.”IMG_7576And of course, I have a red chrysanthemum on the front porch. This one is still beautiful!

How’s your garden growing?  Be sure to check out the other GBBD posts on May Dreams Gardens right here!

Three posts in four days for The Salem Garden… hmmm…soccer and hockey seasons must be over!  😉

Enjoy everything!




  1. Our garden is done here in upstate New York so it was nice to see all of your blooms, especially the mum and the snapdragon.


    1. Hi Alana, sorry your garden is over. We don’t have much time left here in eastern Massachusetts either.. I love GBBD in the winter months because I enjoy seeing the blooms in the south and in the southern hemisphere. Thanks so much for stopping in and commenting!


  2. Wow neighbor – I couldn’t find any color outside if I tried. I am impressed.


    1. It’s gone now Judy! Someone earlier said that they were surprised too and wondered if the ocean plays a part in our longer season, which I think is definitely the case!


  3. Nell Jean says:

    White Echinacea is a favorite of mine. We are suffering some chill here but it passes quickly and rain comes and then we start over with cold. Camellias are just starting.


    1. I love the white echinacea too. I hope this formed good roots and will come back happily in the spring! Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  4. sally says:

    It’s amazing that we really don’t live far from one another but our fall season is so different! We’re pretty much done with gardening here in West Bridgewater……Do you think the proximity of the ocean is what makes our weather harsher than yours?


    1. Hi Sally, yes, I definitely think the ocean plays a big part in it. We often get rain when all of you a little to our west get snow and ice. The ocean really warms the air up!


  5. I’ve heard of rose rosetta disease but don’t know anything about it. Hope that’s not it! I have nothing in my garden blooming. Yours looks good. Love the grasses.


    1. Thanks Brenda! Spring isn’t too far away, especially for you!


  6. The blooms in your garden are just beautiful Michele! You’d never know it was November! I love the ornamental grass too!


    1. Thanks Dana! They were!


  7. Bailey says:

    It’s been a remarkably warm fall. DH cleaned out quite a bit of the dead stuff last weekend. However despite the snow we had, there is still some green out there.


    1. I’m so far behind on replying to my comments, I’m sorry! I’ll bet there’s no green out there now Bailey!


    1. Thanks Linda! Happy Holidays!!

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  8. Danielle says:

    Michele, What type of Lavender are you growing. I recently became fascinated with it when I visited a Lavender Farm in Pennsylvania this year. I’m from Pasadena, California, but I go home once a year to visit. When I cam back to Pasadena, I was so inspired, I went out and bought just about every lavender I could find! It’s a wonderful plant. Glad to see yours is still blooming although I know the weather back East has been ridiculously cold for this time of year!


    1. Hi Danielle, You know, I’m not sure about what variety this is… just common lavender that you find at any nursery. Thanks for stopping in and commenting! I’m off to check out Garden of Magic!


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