Our Snowy Grand Canyon Day

It looks like we have a theme here. When we started to plan our trip to Arizona we thought that the entire state would be much warmer than New England, however as we learned in Sedona, it’s snowy in northern Arizona in the winter. The altitude at the south rim of the Grand Canyon isContinue reading “Our Snowy Grand Canyon Day”


The Seed Order Is Underway!

I’m working on the next post about our trip, but I thought I shouldn’t stray too far away from the garden. The Grand Canyon was pretty snow covered, so, not much garden activity to report. When I move on to Winslow that will change in a big way! Still wintery, but definitely some gardens toContinue reading “The Seed Order Is Underway!”

The Healing Power of Horticulture

Hi there! We’re back from our wonderful trip to Arizona and I’m sorting through more than 1,000 photos and trying to decide what to share and when. It’s a little bit overwhelming but you should see some gardens and beautiful views very soon! This trip was absolutely epic! I’m ready to retire to Arizona tomorrow…Continue reading “The Healing Power of Horticulture”

Our 2015 Garden Year

The year is almost over and I thought that it would be fun to do a bit of  reflection on our garden year. I considered limiting this post to simple photos without words, but I started to fuss about whether to include just the immediate garden or the garden, yard and basement or garden relatedContinue reading “Our 2015 Garden Year”

Homesteading in LA: A Food Tank Video

This video about Jules Derves and his family homestead is truly inspiring… imagine growing most of your own food on 1/5 of an acre in Los Angeles!  They’re blessed with a year round growing season and appear to be great food preservers, along with sharing and selling their produce locally. We’re working on extending ourContinue reading “Homesteading in LA: A Food Tank Video”