The Seed Order Is Underway!

I’m working on the next post about our trip, but I thought I shouldn’t stray too far away from the garden. The Grand Canyon was pretty snow covered, so, not much garden activity to report. When I move on to Winslow that will change in a big way! Still wintery, but definitely some gardens to share at that stop.

In the meantime, here’s what’s happening here in Salem this morning:IMG_0753Yes! The seed order is underway!

I’m anxious to get this done because it’s almost time to start the onions and a few other things that need a lot of time to get stronger and can hang in there in the natural light of my office while I use the grow lights for other plants.

I like to use sticky notes to organize my order. This year I had these cute color coded stickies on hand so I’m actually marking the possibilities by color… green is a yes, light green a probably, pink a maybe and orange needs some research. I just texted Michael a picture of this and said “I think we need more beds”… no response back… I wonder why? Lol

This is the Pinetree Seed Catalog which is the company that I used last year. I like Pinetree because their based in Maine, so it tends to be geared toward the New England climate. Another big plus is that they sell seed in smaller quantities at a much lower price. This gives me the chance to grow close to the specific mount of produce that we’ll actually use with more variety, so my garden is more interesting and there’s less waste of plant material and money. I had a nice high germination rate last year as well. I didn’t keep track formally but I’d estimate it at about 90%. I’m looking at other catalogs but I tend to come back to this one.


It’s also time to start saving yogurt cups, plastic cups and clear containers that make good mini greenhouses. I love these yogurt containers because their nice and sturdy and just the right size for many of the plants that are best for us.

I really, truly can’t wait to get things growing again!

Have you started your seed order yet? What are you thinking about growing?

Hope your enjoying this beautiful Saturday!






  1. Buffy says:

    Working on mine too! 65 degrees and sunny here today., makes it feel like Spring! But I know better! So today I added lime to my garden and I’m spending the afternoon ordering seeds and washing pots. Check out my blog for seed recommendations.


    1. 65 degrees! We’re going to be in the 40’s and 50’s this coming week and everyone is quite happy. This is a very mild winter for us so far. I just popped over to Mucking Moms and said hi. Great post and conversation over there!

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  2. I’m still debating. I love the seed growing process but we may be taking a trip to see family right in the middle of it. So…I’m still thinking on it. LOL 🙂


  3. Cindy says:

    I liked your recommendation last year about Pinetree and the smaller quantity of seeds. I requested a catalog a few weeks ago but have yet to receive it. I am getting their email remainders and plan to do a little online searching when I can find the time. Thanks for the reminder to start doing some planning!


    1. HI Cindy! I’m sorry I’m late in replying to your comment. I want to mention that Pinetree has a 10% sale through today on orders over $50. If you want just a few things let me know and I’d be happy to add to my order and send down to you.


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