It’s Not Too Late to Plant a Few Bulbs….

Maybe your feeling kind of done or like  you’ve missed the window to get those bulbs in the ground….

…but guess what? You haven’t!

As long as the ground isn’t frozen you can still plant bulbs.

And in a few short months when spring springs you’ll be glad you did!

IMG_7542I decided to put some daffodils and dutch iris along this little walkway in my herb garden.

IMG_7543I used simple bags of bulbs from a big box store. You can be fancy and order them, or buy organic or whatever you like… or, you can just go buy some up the street like I did.IMG_7560Here’s the key.. Read the label and plant as directed. Be sure to take note of the planting depth and light requirements.

Considering the light requirement is so important, just like it is when you plant everything else!

The correct light, soil type and water, that’s what does it!IMG_7551I like to loosen up the soil well then place my bulbs a few inches apart.  IMG_7555Next I dig holes to the depth indicated on the package and gently place the bulb in, pointed side up. In this case the daffodils are planted six inches deep and the iris 2-4 inches. I’ve also seen gardeners layer them with the deeper bulbs sitting under a layer of soil with another layer on top. I was working in and around the herbs so I planted them randomly but if your grouping them together to fill in an open space they’ll look great if you use the layering method.

Does that make sense? I hope so…

You can add a handful of bonemeal as you plant if you have some. I didn’t have any on hand but it helps!IMG_7556Fill back in with soil, and their all set!
IMG_7557I chose to scatter bulbs along the sides of this pathway, in between and around the herbs. Most of the herbs are perennials so they should be part of the arrangement when spring comes.
IMG_7547And now we just wait!

One last quick tip… don’t add manure of any kind to a bed where your planning to plant bulbs in the near future. Some lighter compost will be fine, but manure will burn your bulbs and you’ll never see them again.

Let’s just say that I learned this lesson the hard way 😉

Hope your inspired to grab a bag of bulbs off of the sale rack and spend a few minutes brightening up a corner. Look for a spot near a doorway where you’ll enjoy them often!

Hurry, before the polar vortex sinks down and gets us all!

Enjoy everything!


ps/ Since I wrote this post this week the weather systems have ramped up and the snow is coming, so I’m clicking publish and telling you to hurry! You can do this!



  1. rusty duck says:

    Yes, still got mine to do. Keep warm!


    1. Thanks Rusty Duck! You too!!


  2. great reminder. We are getting snow this weekend! ughh Arkansas doesn’t do snow very well…


    1. Hi Brenda! I hope it’s going well if it’s snowing for you… we had a dusting yesterday here. Winters coming no matter what!


      1. they are calling for 2 inches here. You couldn’t get in a grocery store here if you tried! 🙂


      2. oh no!! Hope your all stocked up!


  3. Bren Haas says:

    Great share.. Can’t wait to see your blooms in spring!


    1. Hi there! Thanks for visiting, commenting and following! I’m looking forward to those spring blooms too!


  4. Dawn says:

    Your herb garden will look so pretty in the Springtime, Michele! So glad that you had a chance to plant bulbs. Just in the nick of time! ♡

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I hope so Dawn! It was just in the nick of time!


  5. Leigh says:

    Hi! I heard you can plant some vegetables for early spring now. Is that true? Have you ever tried it??
    From Massachusetts


    1. HI Leigh, I’m sorry I’m so late in answering your question, but you could have planted garlic at a minimum. If you use a cold frame we can sometimes keep things like lettuce and spinach growing all, or most of, the winter.


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