What’s Happening In the Garden- August 7

Let’s see, where to start…After lots of rain early on the weather has been beautiful for the past couple of days. We’ve had a few perfect garden days. I love, love, love those days!

IMG_2528Here’s one of our very recent freecycle finds! I’m pretty excited about this. We’re hoping to collect rain from the roof of the chicken coop to water with. That should save some time and money!

IMG_2533The tomatoes are coming along slowly. I’m hearing a lot about “lots of foliage but no tomatoes” from friends and family. I think the heavy rain we had early in the summer is to blame. In spite of my efforts I have a good amount of blight out there and I think it’s largely caused by the rain bouncing the fungus right up on to the plants from the ground. Does that make sense? 

IMG_2537Tomatillos… they are just so darned cute! Now I have figure out how to eat them. 

IMG_2540Cosmos above the Brussel sprouts…a nice pop of color but their out of control!

IMG_2541 A few peppers… we’ll see. Their kind of a late August crop.

IMG_2542The cabbage is coming along too. It’s slightly shaded by the cosmos so I keep moving them (the cosmos) to other areas. This cabbage has been munched on a little bit. I probably need to put some slug traps out there.

IMG_2544I planted a little bit of swiss chard over the weekend. It’s so pretty! I hope it settles in and takes off.

IMG_2546Here we have asian cucumber, with chard to the right,  a sad little zucchini plant tucked in and cauliflower right behind it.I haven’t had luck with zucchini here or at work this year. The squash borers were hard at work everywhere.

IMG_2551 Dill in the foreground (the dill volunteers all over the yard) with relocated cosmos and some romano beans coming up in front of the fence. The beets in the bacdground may become beets after all. I wasn’t sure a few weeks ago but their looking okay.

IMG_2555Shallots are curing… I need to store them in a cool dry  place. Their a bit smaller than I expected but after researching it I think that may just be the variety.

IMG_2530Eggplant… well… I don’t know… I think it needed more sun. To be honest we don’t really like it so it’s not a huge loss. I think the garden knoll is enjoying it though.

IMG_2556I’ve been pretty distracted this summer so I feel some loss about the garden. Part of the problem is my tendency to sit on this deck and enjoy the view 😉

I’m okay with that.

Enjoy everything!





  1. Seanna says:

    FIY…I LOVE eggplant! LOL! 🙂


    1. then if any grows, it’s coming to you Seanna!!


  2. And no wonder! It’s a fabulous view!


  3. Kim Ayers says:

    I love watching your garden grow….even if it’s virtually! Enjoy!


  4. Map of Time says:

    I love your garden!


  5. Eggplant is delicious but takes a little bit of extra prep. Just fried eggplant is worth growing it even if you never get all the way to eggplant Parmesan. Your peppers are much larger than mine which are the size of peas. And I can’t wait for dill volunteers next year. It was not easy getting the dill to grow to maturity here, but then again, I sowed from seed directly in the soil in a newly created garden space. Next year should be entirely different for me. I would love some of that dill here, though, as I work on pickles.

    And, hey, if I had that view from MY deck, I would probably spend a lot of time there, too.


    1. I need to work on the eggplant recipes… I wanted dill to grow like this for years and it finally happened a couple of years ago.


      1. My eggplant has done great and my dill has not. I’m thinking partial shade is better for dill because it kept drying out. Light, delicate leaves, maybe requires daily watering (which I definitely did not do).


      2. Where did your dill come from? If you plant it from seed or if it volunteers there on it’s own it does much better. Store bought seedings are a stretch, it just doesn’t transplant well. It may come back really strongly next year if you let some go to seed and it plants itself where it wants to be 😉


      3. I planted it from seed. I did allow the dill that grew to just drop its seeds, so hoping I get 2nd generation dill that grows better next spring.


      4. I’ll bet you will, if it’s a mild winter you may even see some pop up before the spring.


  6. It/s a beautiful view, and you should enjoy it because your garden looks great. Our tomatoes are just turning and we ate a small pepper yesterday. Hope your rain barrel works as well as our two. We collect off the barn roof and they fill up quickly. Love them. Happy gardening in this gorgeous weather we’re having.


    1. thanks Judy! I’m excited about the rain barrel… I hope ours fills up quickly too!


  7. Oh what a beautiful view!!! I’d never leave the deck! Everything is looking really well. We have a rain catcher for two years now. I love it! It’s great being able to use what is already there. Dana


    1. thanks Dana, and I agree, it’s a win win for everyone!


  8. What a beautiful and peaceful view! I don’t blame you one bit for sitting and enjoying. You should be very proud of the view you’ve created. You will love the rain barrel. I started with one and now have 4!


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