Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- July 2016

Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! Things are cooking along in our garden… Here’s what’s blooming… Carpet Rose Pink Geranium Pink petunias Pink Mandevilla Salmon pink geranium There’s a theme here… Most of the front yard is pink this year. I’m just in this very pink place and I’m loving it! I’d like to post someContinue reading “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- July 2016”


What’s Happening in the Garden–July 11, 2016

Oh my goodness… It’s been a month.. and I have a million posts written in my head but not one made it’s way to my blog.  I’m sorry! People ask questions at work that would be great posts all the time. I need to  write about the experience of serving people in a garden centerContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Garden–July 11, 2016”

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day and Wordless Wednesday (Or, an Unusually Quiet GBBD)- June 2016

Here’s a little bit of what’s blooming here today! The wind was blowing, so there’s some blur here and there, but you get the idea. Be sure to visit May Dreams Gardens by clicking here to see gardens in bloom all over the world! Enjoy Everything! Love,  Michele

Eye On Education: Students Grow Fresh & Healthy Food For Cafeteria « CBS Boston

Check out this great news story about the gardening program here at our very own Salem High School! My kids have benefited time and again from Mr Marcoux’s classes and the many educational opportunities that he provides, and our district is truly supportive of garden based learning at every grade level. I’m feeling very fortunateContinue reading “Eye On Education: Students Grow Fresh & Healthy Food For Cafeteria « CBS Boston”

What’s Happening in the Garden- June 2, 2016

Good morning! Happy June! We’ve made it past Memorial Day weekend and here I am AGAIN apologizing for my inability of publish anything at all here on The Salem Garden. I think about and write posts in my head all. the. time. and yet I just can’t get the hour or two needed to sitContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Garden- June 2, 2016”

What’s Happening In the Garden–May 1, 2016

Happy May Day! Our male mallards are on the pond while their sweeties sit on their nests. Flowers are blooming, hosta has made it’s way out of the ground and it looks like I have a new maple tree growing in my tulip patch. … all good signs of spring! Michael cleaned out our perennialContinue reading “What’s Happening In the Garden–May 1, 2016”

I was Stuck, and Now I’m Not…

And I don’t mean by a rosebush! This post is all about me. I’m apologizing right now, because I should probably be talking about other things but I’m kind of transparent by nature so I can’t move on and get back to work here until I share this with you. Last August I left myContinue reading “I was Stuck, and Now I’m Not…”

Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day-April 2016

Hey everyone! Happy Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day! I’m a little behind schedule today so I’m just doing a quick post to stay in the groove. I looked back at last year’s April GBBD post and saw crocus and snowdrops. I’m happy to report that this April 15th we’re way past crocus and snowdrops! We haveContinue reading “Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day-April 2016”

Early Spring Veggies That You Can Plant from Seed Today!

There’s lots of potential for the garden season to start much earlier than Memorial Day! Everyone is used to planting vegetables in late May, but you can direct sow many seeds right now if you’d like to! You only have a dollar or two to loose, and so much to gain! All it takes isContinue reading “Early Spring Veggies That You Can Plant from Seed Today!”