Our Coop Construction, 2007-Present

Originally posted on The Salem Garden:
Good almost spring morning! I seem to be encountering lots of people who are planning to build or buy a chicken coop these days so I thought I’d share an overview of ours as it was constructed. We didn’t exactly plan the coop before our first batch of chicks…

About those Onion Seedlings…. and… Spring is Springing!

Here’s my first tiny little dose of spring for you… It’s really going to happen! I believe that this particular crocus is always the first one every year. It’s in the exact same spot of my front yard, next to the walkway. I don’t remember seeing it in February before but it’s out there thisContinue reading “About those Onion Seedlings…. and… Spring is Springing!”

Wordless Wednesday-Oak Creek Canyon

  I had so wanted to have my post about starting onion seeds ready for today, but, my heat pad was curled up and I had to weigh it down with books to flatten it out.. Oh well… Instead, here’s our drive through absolutely beautiful Oak Creek Canyon, between Sedona and Flagstaff. So happy thatContinue reading “Wordless Wednesday-Oak Creek Canyon”

Our Snowy Grand Canyon Day

It looks like we have a theme here. When we started to plan our trip to Arizona we thought that the entire state would be much warmer than New England, however as we learned in Sedona, it’s snowy in northern Arizona in the winter. The altitude at the south rim of the Grand Canyon isContinue reading “Our Snowy Grand Canyon Day”

The Seed Order Is Underway!

I’m working on the next post about our trip, but I thought I shouldn’t stray too far away from the garden. The Grand Canyon was pretty snow covered, so, not much garden activity to report. When I move on to Winslow that will change in a big way! Still wintery, but definitely some gardens toContinue reading “The Seed Order Is Underway!”