The Healing Power of Horticulture


Hi there!

We’re back from our wonderful trip to Arizona and I’m sorting through more than 1,000 photos and trying to decide what to share and when. It’s a little bit overwhelming but you should see some gardens and beautiful views very soon! This trip was absolutely epic! I’m ready to retire to Arizona tomorrow… not that I don’t love Salem, but the warm, dry winter climate was very easy to get used to!

In the meantime I came across this great article in a publication from Dubai that describes ten ways that horticulture helps people overcome difficulty and live in a more mentally and physically balanced way. This is what I believe, preach and live for. It’s heartening to see people all over the world recognizing gardening as the healing agent that it is. Just click on the title below to link right to the article.

Enjoy!  Michele

The healing power of horticulture: 10 ways gardening can positively influence mental health






    1. I thought so too! Thanks for stopping by Arthur!


  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    My thoughts exactly!


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