This Year’s Deck

DSC00769Here’s our deck last year. It was a construction zone and kayak storage area. I felt very, very anxious every time I set foot out there.

IMG_1953It’s really cozy this year. We finished the office construction and found other storage for the boats. Then we put up a canopy, added furniture and I filled it with flowers. I feel that some type of “roof” is really important on a deck. It can be an umbrella or a canopy like this, or a really nice pergola, but it reigns the energy in and makes it feel good, kind of the way an area rug makes a difference in a room. It provides shade too.

IMG_1927There’s lots of color!

IMG_1943There’s also cucumber plants because I kept them out of the garden beds in the hope of outwitting the cucumber beetles.

IMG_1941Remember when we painted this bench last summer?

painting chairs and benches
IMG_1935I planted a pot of succulents this year and I love them. Margaret Roach said that their everywhere and I have to agree. I’m seeing them in lots of posts and ads right now. Their very forgiving and easy.

IMG_1936I love this pink metal stool.  We painted it on the same day that we painted the peach bench and the metal chairs that are near the cucumber pot.

IMG_1924I also put out a little pot of kitchen herbs. They were growing beautifully until Maddie (the cat) jumped out of the window and onto this planter on the deck railing. She and the planter went flying into the succulents. The herbs are coming back and their very nice to have on hand when I’m cooking. Fortunately Maddie survived her flight with no problems.
IMG_1932Aside from being a wonderful place to relax, the best thing about our deck is the view of the garden. We like to plan our day here over morning coffee, then we’re on the move until lunch or dinner. It’s a great place for a rest or for family time.

Did you decorate your deck or porch this year? It’s as simple as adding as many plants as you’ll enjoy taking care of, creating a roof of some sort and finding a chair or two so that you can relax a little bit.

Enjoy everything!




  1. June Varcoe says:

    Everything looks lovely. I want to go out and buy more flowers for my deck. I really need to pull weeds out front but so much easier to concentrate on deck. Problem is the more you plant,the more you have to water.My friend just gave me a lovely sunflower wiith lots of buds on it. Need to put in larger pot I think.Amelia is a big help. Just painted a table and have more to paint. Going for bright colors. June


    1. Hi June! I know, it’s fun to keep buying stuff, but then it’s a lot to take care of. The deck is so much easier then the front here too. Michael and I just spent a good part of the day trying to get our front yard pulled together. thanks for stopping by and commenting! Lots of love to everyone there!


  2. Your desk and your view are both beautiful. I don’t have a deck but we have a patio area that we deck out with furniture and plants.


    1. Thanks Judy! It’s nice to have any spot to decorate and sit in!


  3. Lisa Rishel says:

    As usual your decorating is, stools, chairs, etc. One thing we have added that you might want to look into is a citronella plant- scented geraniums! They smell just like the candles. We put them on the deck when we’re eating or just sitting. BTW I noticed that Michael and Doug have the same’s a shame they cant go out on the water together. Thanks for sharing your outdoor space with us! It’s wonderful!


    1. thank you Room! I’ll have to look for the citronella plant geraniums. They sound awesome! That’s Will’s kayak, but Michael loves it a lot too. I wish they could all be out kayaking together, with us!!


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    Wonderful view on a day with your feet finally up


    1. It sure is Eunice!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:



  5. Beautiful outdoor spaces. You have done a lovely job with the containers of flowers and herbs. And it sure is a huge bonus to be able to gaze into your garden while sitting on the deck.


    1. Thanks Michele, I had so much fun planting the containers this year. I think it was better than ever because I took last year off.


  6. Christie says:

    Oh my, it is BEAUTIFUL! I would spend all my time on that deck! And is that shed/structure in back the chicken house? If so, it is gorgeous. Your home is wonderful.


    1. Thank you Christie! That is our chicken house, the chix love it and so do we!


  7. Tammy says:

    The deck looks so pretty. Ours was a storage area a couple of years ago but now it is a place where we relax and entertain. I got a new table set and planted some succulents, too.


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