It’s a Small World

or maybe it’s a small blogosphere?

There are lots of things that I’m enjoying about my little blog, but one of the most interesting and unexpected is the range of places in the world that people visit from.   It’s kind of amazing to me that someone in French Polynesia is checking out what we’re doing here in Salem, Massachusetts.

Massachusetts Coastline (NASA, International S....

I’ve also had hits from Australia, Germany, Croatia, Russia, Haiti, Mexico, the Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, the Netherlands and Ireland.

I have frequent views from England, Canada, the Philippines and Hong Kong.

I often hear people say that the world has gotten so much smaller since the internet.  I don’t think that could be more true.

I hope that over time a community will grow here at The Salem Garden. It’s fun to raise chickens and children and gardens together.

We all have so much to learn from each other. Our world is very, very small indeed!

Thank you all for  joining me on my crazy journey! I’m honored every time I see that someone visits.

Enjoy Everything today!