What’s Happening in the Garden- August 12, 2021

Hello from Salem! We’re having a very warm week in a very rainy summer, but, we have lots to be thankful for, maybe not tomatoes, but definitely kale and onions.

There’s lots of apples on the tree.. I hope they turn red!
Our Brussels sprouts leaves are being devoured by something .. any thoughts about how to manage this better? Betsy, what do you think?
The sprouts are starting, but I suspect that leaves are essential for them to develop properly.
The basil is prolific, the tomatoes, not so much.
But we have kale..
…. a few cucs
and onions
.. which are curing as of a few hours ago.
My dinner plate hibiscus had some beautiful blooms yesterday but I missed the window for a photo.
My cutting bed ❤️
Complete with milk pods,
Valerie Mix Aster
and I believe a Queen Red Lime Zinnia? This bloom is actually quite large, definitely larger than the Cut and Come Again zinnias.
Here’s the view looking down from the deck..
… which feels like a jungle at this time of year!

Wishing you well!



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