Before We Know It…


IMG_0900will become this.

IMG_3208And this…

IMG_0909will become this.

It will only take seven months and one day to happen.

But who’s counting?

Enjoy Everything!



Cruising with the Sun and the Moon

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset cruise in Salem Harbor a few nights ago on the Hannah Glover. I remember putting my older kids on this boat one morning in the middle of a thunderstorm because they were going out to the Y camp on Children’s Island. It sure looks different when your cruising along enjoying great food and cocktails while watching the sun set and the moon rise. Thanks Salem Trolley, for a very enjoyable evening!IMG_2743IMG_2722 IMG_2736IMG_2740IMG_2741IMG_2744IMG_2746IMG_2750IMG_2762IMG_2770IMG_2775

Camping At the Beach~

We love to spend time family camping so early this week we spent a night on site 27 at Winter Island,  the coveted first spot right next to the beach! It was wonderful to fall asleep on Sunday night listening to the waves roll in a few feet away. I think that this family was meant to live on the water. We love it so much! Here are a few of my favorite Winter Island photos. Needless to say, we had a good time!

IMG_2191 the view from our campsite…

IMG_2222the Winter Island lighthouse

IMG_2234What is this cool pole called? Maybe a peace pole?

IMG_2236The now hidden lagoon, it used to be part of a moat around the fort.

IMG_2243Looking north toward Beverly…

IMG_2250How the lifeguard chair is used after hours…

IMG_2251This kid is too much.

IMG_2256Seriously, he just cracks me up!

IMG_2262The sunset reflection, looking north.

IMG_2264and south, with the moon rising.

DSC02808The boys heading to the beach.
DSC02819One of our friend Casey’s creations. Still used and loved all the time, if you happen to see this Casey 😉 .

DSC02902Boats in the moonlight… one of my favorite things to do at Winter Island is to watch the boats come into the harbor at night. It’s so peaceful and quiet.

DSC02912Early morning fog at low tide…

DSC02918Playing on the beach in PJ’s is the best!

Camping is also the best (next to gardening 😉  )

Enjoy everything!


Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– May 2013

How could it be the fifteenth of the month already? When I woke up this morning and saw another blogger’s Bloom Day post I had to quickly look at my calendar and check the date. It just didn’t seem possible. A lot has happened here in New England in the last month. The garden continues to soothe and heal all of us.

My long awaited dogwood is still in bloom. I know that I just have another day  or two with it so I’m enjoying every minute that I get.IMG_1318 Soloman’s seal is unfurling. This is “almost a bloom.”IMG_1302 Viola, lots of them, everywhere!IMG_1298 Lily of the valleyIMG_1289Crab apple

My little girl’s favorite, the bleeding heart. She’s been able to identify this since she was three. IMG_1279

And there’s still plenty of pollen! I’m so allergic to it, but I’m hoping that in just a few more days or after another good rain (this afternoon), it will be better.

Be sure to check out the other blogs on to see what’s blooming all over the world!


Potting Benches, Daffodils and Crocus…

The other day  my husband saw that I had posted this photo here.

A few hours later I looked out there and saw this…

LOL, he’s a really good guy. That’s all I can say.

In other news~

My favorite daffodils are about to bloom down on Palfrey Court. I’ve been following this patch for the last twenty four years. I know from experience that even if it snows tomorrow they will be just fine.IMG_0268

And we officially have crocus here at The Salem Garden!  Photo by my little guy!

Happy Monday!

Enjoy Everything!


Coyote Sighting In Salem!

Michael was walking Winnie this morning and as he came up our street he looked ahead and saw a “really big” coyote coming toward him. The coyote took a left and ran into our yard. He and Winnie took a right and came right into the house. We’re not really afraid of them, but it’s a good idea to keep coyotes and family dogs separate. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Winnie when we’re in the yard.  The coyotes are here year round but they seem to suddenly appear around early February, with lots of neighborhood sightings from now until late spring.

Of course after I got almost everyone out the door (my little guy is recuperating from his late night superbowl viewing, I’ll run him up to school soon) I had to head out there with my camera and see if I could take a photo of the tracks to share with you.

S/he came from the street, then went across the yard and down the hill.IMG_0573

The tracks look pretty cool up close.IMG_0574

It went right up the path in the middle of the photo and past the kids’ fort.

I didn’t go all the way up there because I was wearing crocks and my fluffy robe. Of course that meant I landed on my you know what.

Crocks and coyote tracking aren’t such a good mix 😉

Enjoy everything today!


Things That Work For Me— My Pink Bench

Good Morning Everyone! I have decided to do a weekly winter series  called “Things That Work For Me”… Lots of people have questions and queries about how I manage our household of seven. It’s a juggling act most days but I do have some tools and tips that really help.  I have a little list of products, services,  house rules and routines that make a big difference. There are lots of moments in my day when I’m thankful for having found a way to make life easier.

As superficial as it may seem, I’m going to start with something very basic, my pink bench.

I found this bench at TJ Maxx several months ago for the clearance price of $7.99.


I am 5’1″ and I’ve been climbing on chairs to reach things for as long as I can remember.These are my cabinets. They are very, very tall. It’s virtually impossible for me to get things down without a little help. This bench gives me almost eleven inches, making me six feet tall! IMG_0504

That’s a lot of help with the milk glasses!

And it folds up so that it can be easily hidden almost anywhere.

IMG_0510just like this, although I never put it away.


It’s also used as a barrier for Dino’s food so Winnie doesn’t eat it and a place for whoever is passing through the kitchen to sit for a minute. I’ve had many great conversations with my kids lately while they’ve relaxed and I’ve cooked.  I revel in the fact that I can just reach up and get almost anything down without having to climb up on a chair or ask one of the four other people who are taller than me to do it.

It’s the little things that make life easier.

Enjoy Everything!


Watching and Waiting

The title of this post has changed a couple of times since I took these photos the other day. I started with something like “Fall Color, Now and In Years Past”… I was going to include photos of past years too, when the colors were brighter and prettier. Then I went to “The Colors Before the Storm”.. thinking that all the little bits of color that we had this year would be gone by Tuesday. Then it went to “The Calm and Color Before the Storm” which morphed into “Watching and Waiting”.  I’m pretty settled with this one. It best describes how I’m feeling here on the coast of New England today. Hurricane Sandy is projected to track south of us a little bit.  We will likely experience strong winds, rain and very high tides.  That’s our best case scenario, which isn’t too bad for New Englanders who don’t live directly on the ocean. I’m thinking a lot of our countless family members and friends who live on the water or  right in the mid-Atlantic area that may be hit the hardest.

My “fall color in the garden” photos are pathetic this year. Here’s what I have:

A little pink and yellow and a happy looking spruce tree…Bits of yellow..and red..and the garden. That’s it!

As you can see, we went from green, to bits of yellow and red to brown. I kept waiting for the day when I’d get outside and take those beautiful photos! It happens some years.  I never made it out of town during the peak times to see the foliage north of here but it was probably quite lovely. This is a very small concern when we have much bigger worries on our minds this weekend.

I’m thinking of all of my east coast friends and family this morning and sending you love and safe thoughts!

I hear that Halloween is being celebrated wildly downtown.  If I make it down there later today or tomorrow I’ll posts some photos that will be sure to make you smile!

Love, Michele