Another Great DC Stop–Georgetown Cupcake!

We visited lots of great museums, monuments and places of historical importance on our trip to Washington DC a few weeks ago. At the end of the day, after seeing all of those amazing places, it was all about the cupcakes for us!  As I mentioned in yesterday’s post it was really, really hot. 108 degrees is hot!  In spite of this, we still found some energy to check out the Georgetown Cupcake shop, home of the hit TLC show DC Cupcake.   As we left the National Mall and drove a mile west the temperature went down eight degrees according to our car thermometer. Suddenly 100 degrees felt like air conditioning! We thought we could do anything! So we found a parking spot right on the Potomac River and took a hike up the hill to find the famous cupcake shop.

It looked just like it does on the TV show. The man in blue is a security guard and I suspect that he would have been very busy if it had been a little cooler.

My gang was ready to check things out!

Here’s a view of the inside… many, many boxes and many, many cupcakes! It seemed like a pretty tight space. We wondered if there was a larger kitchen/baking area to the right…

This young man was very patient with us.  It took us awhile to order.

I think that’s because these were the choices. It was just a little bit difficult for anyone to make a decision.

Here’s what we came home with. Yes, there are six cupcakes for seven people. That’s because our oldest daughter is severely allergic to nuts so she had to pass on the cupcake.  She’s a huge fan of the show and was okay with visiting and getting a t-shirt instead of a cupcake.  She loves to bake and uses the recipes from their cookbook all the time.

We did make it back to the hotel eventually and  had a cupcake feast (and a nap if needed)!



  1. Joy says:

    Wonderful pictures!


  2. bubblybaker says:

    I’ll be visiting Washington DC in a few weeks so will have to make a stop at Georgetown Cupcakes! (I’m from Australia so not too sure about the tv show, but the cupcakes look soooo yumm!)


    1. If you click on the cupcake link in the first paragraph you’ll see a link to the dc cupcakes TLC website at the bottom of the wikipedia page. I think you can view segments of the show on there. Hope you have a wonderful trip to DC and thanks so much for stopping by my blog!


  3. oldhick54 says:

    mmmm cupcakes!!!!!


  4. One cupcake each was so well-behaved and restrained!
    Did you try them all or stick to your own. I’m a total food sharer (thief)!


    1. He, he… I never thought of it that way. Their pretty expensive so we had to exercise restraint. That’s just how we do things with so many kids. Come to think of it, my husband and I did share 🙂 . thanks for stopping by, I checked out your blog and I love it!!


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