Grandma’s Garden in Delaware

We were in Delaware a few weeks ago, visiting my mother-in-law.

There’s so much to do down there, beaches, shopping, great places to eat… one of my favorite things about our trip is always her beautiful garden!

The garden is breezy and fun, it’s always changing!

This year the larkspur was wonderful. We caught it after its peak but it was still beautiful!

There’s also dill and echinacea  and other surprises…


and ornaments…

This is how rosemary grows in Delaware.

Remember my little rosemary plant from the other day? I was so proud of wintering over a one foot tall plant.

Maybe the little angel is helping.

Her dill has always reseeded and flourished, it took me forever to just let mine go.

I used to look at this dill and wonder how it happened.

Herbs grow on the deck too.

This guy keeps an eye on everything.

Here’s our view during morning coffee or after time at the beach.

It’s always hard to leave, but we’ll be back to enjoy it again soon!



  1. AmySue says:

    Love your mother-n-law’s garden, very pretty. Also, the new site design looks great!!


    1. Thanks Amy! I have a weakness for changing out the themes 😉


  2. I want rosemary like that!!!!


    1. Isn’t it great??


  3. June Varcoe says:

    Thank you so much for posting Michele. Barbs Garden is always beautifull.


  4. It is! She really enjoys it! thanks so much for stopping in and commenting June!


  5. Maire MacLean says:

    Beautiful garden! Enjoying all the great photos! You have a great eye.


  6. looks positively gorgeous, Michelle! I must post pictures of the fine things in my garden and some of the flowers in our yard. We’ve worked but have more hard work to do. It gets allitle better each year, I hope!


    1. This is where Michael and I were relaxing while you were taking care of our girls Becky 😉 Your yard looks beautiful, it has come to life!


  7. Barbara Parr says:

    Thank you Michele, as usual you have done a great job. You caught the feeling and the beauty.
    Love, Mom Parr


  8. I’m so glad you liked it! I was really hoping you would 🙂


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