More Fluffy Robe Photos

We had just a little bit of snow overnight. It was so pretty that I had to wander outside with my camera for a few minutes. It was gorgeous this morning!


The buds on the pear tree are looking ready. to. go!! Yes!!DSC01580

I miss the days of pushing my little kids on the swings in the middle of the morning. Hug those babies everyone, they grow so quickly!DSC01581

I love our black pussy willow. Michael and the kids gave me this bush on our first Mother’s Day in this house. It’s one of my favorite plants in our garden.

Hi Zoe, my cute little compost factory…DSC01586

Hi pretty chickadee…


and guess what?

I wore boots instead of crocs today!


He, he, he…no splat for me!

Enjoy everything!



5:17 am Chicken Call

Is that not an early hour to be woken up by squawking chickens?

Michael went down there to check on them and they were upset because a small part of their shelf had fallen down…

He fixed it, gave them some birdseed (have I mentioned that their a little bit pampered) and went back to bed.

I was up and awake…

The good thing about that was it gave me a few minutes to wander around the garden and enjoy the early morning.

I got to see this…

and this

and say good morning to the ladies

I could do all of ┬áthat at 5:45 tomorrow though, or even 6:17 if I’m really lucky?

It’s going to be in the 90’s and humid here in New England today. Stay cool out there!