Garden Bloggers Bloom Day– May 2013

How could it be the fifteenth of the month already? When I woke up this morning and saw another blogger’s Bloom Day post I had to quickly look at my calendar and check the date. It just didn’t seem possible. A lot has happened here in New England in the last month. The garden continues to soothe and heal all of us.

My long awaited dogwood is still in bloom. I know that I just have another day  or two with it so I’m enjoying every minute that I get.IMG_1318 Soloman’s seal is unfurling. This is “almost a bloom.”IMG_1302 Viola, lots of them, everywhere!IMG_1298 Lily of the valleyIMG_1289Crab apple

My little girl’s favorite, the bleeding heart. She’s been able to identify this since she was three. IMG_1279

And there’s still plenty of pollen! I’m so allergic to it, but I’m hoping that in just a few more days or after another good rain (this afternoon), it will be better.

Be sure to check out the other blogs on to see what’s blooming all over the world!




    1. Thank you Arthur!


  1. commonweeder says:

    I’m so glad GBBD led me to your blog. Spring is not as advanced in my corner of the Commonwealth so I really enjoyed your garden and photographs.


    1. thanks so much! Spring is here, but it’s taking it’s time this year, that’s for sure! I just poked around your wonderful blog and garden. It looks like your doing lots of amazing things!


  2. Karen says:

    Lovely photos. Spring is my favorite time here in New England…the blooms are so welcomed after our hard winters. I think we are probably about a week behind you here in New Hampshire.


  3. Carolyn says:

    Bleeding Heart is a favorite of mine, too! I grow it in my gardens because my sweet mother grew it in hers. Happy Spring!


  4. Scott Weber says:

    Love the Bleeding Heart…it never fails to get a smile…Happy Bloom Day!


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