What’s Happening in the Garden-August 18

Well, what’s happening is that there are highs and lows out there. I love coming home from vacation at this point in the season because I never know what I’ll find. That first or second look around the garden is really fun and interesting, and sometimes a little bit upsetting, but thats okay.

IMG_2667 The echinacea and rudbeckia are at their height. I really need to thin them out  this fall to make room for other plants.  I’m pretty sure that if you look back a year you  heard me saying this. Local friends, please comment if you want some!

IMG_2664We have a nice little harvest of shallots to enjoy considering that I planted just two tiny rows of bulbs.
IMG_2669 I love the purple coneflower…

IMG_2673 and the rudbeckia/black-eyed susan.

IMG_2678 Michael spent some time clearing out the butterfly garden weeds yesterday and discovered this clump of foxglove trying to bloom.

IMG_2681 Swiss chard isn’t looking so good. Could be bunnies or deer?

SAMSUNGMy daughter took this photo last week on her phone. It’s right at the bottom of the hill. He’s a beautiful guy but I’m living in the the “deer are eating the swiss chard” camp at the moment.
IMG_2689The volunteer tomato plants in the asparagus bed are in better shape than the planned plants… sigh.

IMG_2685My camera strap and I are waiting for the broccoli to form florets.
IMG_2692The brussel sprouts are sprouting.

IMG_2696The asian cucumber plants look happy.

IMG_2699I think it’s beautiful.
IMG_2695Here’s what remains of my  poor little zucchini plant. I really need to give up my dream and let this go.

IMG_2694 Lettuce is coming along again, ready for the cool days.

IMG_2701 This is broom corn. The seeds were sent by my blogging friend Brenda,  The Blonde Gardener  when she gave some away to readers in the spring.

IMG_2702It’s what brooms are made from. I think it’s really cool!

IMG_2704We may have a few beets coming along. They are hanging in there!

IMG_2705The romano beans are taking off but something is eating those leaves. What do you all think? Help me figure this out garden bloggers!
IMG_2709 Cosmos

IMG_2708 Cosmos

IMG_2710and more cosmos. I’ve enjoyed these this year. Every year I’m surprised by something that I didn’t really plan. I love that part of the garden!

IMG_2707 Tomatoes and blight, and blight and tomatoes. Come on and turn red guys!

IMG_2713Notice the cucumber beetles? They always love this plant. I’m considering this to be organic pest control at it’s best. The asian cucs are already resistant to the beetles but I haven’t seen a single one over there.
IMG_2714This guy hangs on the fence and keeps and eye on everything. I should put the lights on for him.

How’s your garden growing?

Enjoy everything!



Coyote Sighting In Salem!

Michael was walking Winnie this morning and as he came up our street he looked ahead and saw a “really big” coyote coming toward him. The coyote took a left and ran into our yard. He and Winnie took a right and came right into the house. We’re not really afraid of them, but it’s a good idea to keep coyotes and family dogs separate. We’ll be keeping a very close eye on Winnie when we’re in the yard.  The coyotes are here year round but they seem to suddenly appear around early February, with lots of neighborhood sightings from now until late spring.

Of course after I got almost everyone out the door (my little guy is recuperating from his late night superbowl viewing, I’ll run him up to school soon) I had to head out there with my camera and see if I could take a photo of the tracks to share with you.

S/he came from the street, then went across the yard and down the hill.IMG_0573

The tracks look pretty cool up close.IMG_0574

It went right up the path in the middle of the photo and past the kids’ fort.

I didn’t go all the way up there because I was wearing crocks and my fluffy robe. Of course that meant I landed on my you know what.

Crocks and coyote tracking aren’t such a good mix 😉

Enjoy everything today!