Blizzard in the Garden

It’s Wordless Wednesday but I couldn’t really do a post without words today. We just had a blizzard after all…

The official snow total for Salem is 24 inches, but honestly, I think our number is a little above that. It snowed well into the night last night, long after I read that on the internet.

IMG_7958 The garden fence is buried. Michael usually shovels through the arbor but decided to take a little break from that this time. That made me feel better about all of the shoveling that he does.IMG_7945The coop can be reached again!IMG_7946But there’s not much room to play.IMG_7949 Which is just fine with the girls who are refusing to go outside. I’m with them!IMG_7944Michael feeds the wild birds..IMG_7942The cold snowy bunny hutch doesn’t have a path yet…IMG_7955but that’s okay because Paula Tucker is happily tucked away in the chicken coop.IMG_7939 The pond is white now, and the big rock is submerged in snow. See the track across the bottom? A deer or coyote must have gone through.IMG_7935As buried as we are, all is well. Everyone stayed warm and dry.

The next storm is on Friday but nobody’s talking about that yet.

Stay warm my friends!

Love,  Michele




  1. Take care and stay warm!


    1. HI Marian! Thanks!!


  2. I’ve been wondering about you! I’ve been watching the weather channel and have been amazed at how much snow you got in such a short amount of time. If it makes you feel better, they say snow is free fertilizer. 🙂 Looks like you’re good for the year. I won’t even tell you what the temp is here today.
    Stay safe and warm my friend!


    1. It was a lot in a very short time, although the twenty four hours or so that it took seemed like a long time. We will be very well fertilized for the foreseeable future Brenda! I don’t think I want to know what your temperature is but I hope that after reading this post your appreciating it!


  3. Michele says:

    You got a lot more snow than we did. Glad you stayed warm and safe. And yes, we are not talking about Friday or the following Monday yet.


  4. Bailey says:

    We were close to 30. Great pics.


    1. Thanks Bailey! Thirty is a lot! I’m going to hop over and see if you posted any pics!


  5. Before we plowed each time, I measured. I came up with about 31″ that we moved. And, I don’t have a clue where we’ll put any more on Friday or Monday. OMG this is too much. Paula Tucker looks as comfy as our Herbert Menninger. Love those bunnies. 🙂


    1. the bunnies are the best! Free awesome compost and all of the cuteness in the world. Hope your all plowed out now Judy. Get ready for Friday! xo


  6. Forgot to tell you how much I like your new blog design and color.


    1. thanks! I love to play around with it!


  7. I just found your website today and until I read this pretty much all I’ve heard from friends up east was grumbling about the inconvenience of this storm. Your pictures of the animals, the snow paths, and the sunny woods reminded me that, as long as everyone is safe and warm, getting snowed in is right up there on my 10 favorite things list. I live in Louisville, KY and it’s only happened twice in my life. The funny thing is before I read this I was working on an article about how weather (not necessarily snow) that seems like an inconvenience is really a great chance to re-examine our priorities and accept what we do have. Great post and pictures.


    1. Hi Chris! Welcome to The Salem Garden and thanks for stopping in and commenting! Like everything it really is what you make of it. I didn’t talk about it in my post but it was nice to have some quiet family time together and it was great to see the beauty that today brought. Hope to see you back again soon! Michele


  8. lulu says:

    I have to confess that I’m not unhappy to be in Houston rather than Maine right now. What a lot of snow, and I shudder thinking about having to clear paths.


    1. I wouldn’t mind being in Houston right now either! More snow on the way tomorrow and Monday! You dodged a bullet Lulu!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. Dawn says:

    You have been in our thoughts, Michele, as we watched the weather reports on the news. It must feel so good to know that you made it through the blizzard! Stay warm and safe in the aftermath! ♡


    1. Thank you Dawn! It all went well, and we really did have fun. Now the cleanup is underway. While we’re all set here at home it’s not so great in other parts of the city where there’s no where to put the snow and there’s more coming tomorrow!


  10. commonweeder says:

    Your pix reminded me how happy I was that I didn’t have to put on snowshoes and trudge out to the chickens. We gave away the last three in the spring – in preparation for life that will include Travel!


    1. and what a wonderful life that will be Pat!


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