Things That Work For Me— My Pink Bench

Good Morning Everyone! I have decided to do a weekly winter series  called “Things That Work For Me”… Lots of people have questions and queries about how I manage our household of seven. It’s a juggling act most days but I do have some tools and tips that really help.  I have a little list of products, services,  house rules and routines that make a big difference. There are lots of moments in my day when I’m thankful for having found a way to make life easier.

As superficial as it may seem, I’m going to start with something very basic, my pink bench.

I found this bench at TJ Maxx several months ago for the clearance price of $7.99.


I am 5’1″ and I’ve been climbing on chairs to reach things for as long as I can remember.These are my cabinets. They are very, very tall. It’s virtually impossible for me to get things down without a little help. This bench gives me almost eleven inches, making me six feet tall! IMG_0504

That’s a lot of help with the milk glasses!

And it folds up so that it can be easily hidden almost anywhere.

IMG_0510just like this, although I never put it away.


It’s also used as a barrier for Dino’s food so Winnie doesn’t eat it and a place for whoever is passing through the kitchen to sit for a minute. I’ve had many great conversations with my kids lately while they’ve relaxed and I’ve cooked.  I revel in the fact that I can just reach up and get almost anything down without having to climb up on a chair or ask one of the four other people who are taller than me to do it.

It’s the little things that make life easier.

Enjoy Everything!




  1. hownottokillyourparents says:

    Yeah… I’m the shortest in our household; there is a wonderful sense of independence that comes with a bench. It really is the little things. 🙂


    1. It is!! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. I (Beth) saw that same bench and considered buying it as well. Now that you’ve endorsed it, I probably will (if I can still find it – I saw it at HomeGoods around Christmas though…)


  3. Sometimes it’s the little things that make life easier! I know where you’re coming from, too. I’m 5’3.


  4. daseger says:

    A great idea for recurring posts!


  5. Cindy says:

    Saw some in CVS the other day and thought of this post!


    1. HI Cindy! I’ve seen them in a few places lately. Home Depot has one with kind of an industrial look. Hope all is well with you!!


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