Potting Bench Heaven

Do you have a potting bench or potting area? For many years I made due with whatever space I had. I remember keeping all of my potting equipment on the bulkhead steps of our old house and working on the sidewalk. Before that we lived above the West India Goods Store on Derby Street and my potting bench was a bucket with a few tools in it.  In this house I have a designated area. Unfortunately the winter has been rough and it now looks like this:


Poor thing, I think it’s  time to clear away the wood and sleds.

I spent some time in potting bench heaven (also known as Pinterest and Houzze) to help inspire me to freshen it up.

You all know how much I love Houzze.

Check these out:

What a great sink and pretty shade of blue…

These watering cans look familiar and using the plate racks to store the saucers is really creative. The baskets and stool are functional and beautiful.

Pinterest has some great ideas as well:

Here’s a very cute and functional use of a garden gate


This one reminds me a little bit of my bench. I like the pegboard and the green stain on the doors. I think a little green stain would really dress mine up.

The chalkboards are an excellent idea! I’m a list person, so having a list of the day’s or week’s tasks and events would be wonderful.

I think the white wicker shelf might have been a headboard. Awesome!

Source: hometalk.com via Michele on Pinterest

Great use of a hoosier cabinet!  I have one of these tucked away in our basement. We use it for seasonal storage, winter hats and stuff, then summer toys when it’s warmer. It’s almost time to change it over.

Source: bhg.com via Michele on Pinterest

And finally, carved from stone? Wow…

Check out my pinterest garden ideas board for a few more great benches. I’m sure that I’ll continue to add there!

My work is never done 😉

Enjoy everything!




  1. You potting bench has so much potential. There are so many different things your could do with it. I definitely think you should make it pop with a bright paint color or two. Good luck! 🙂


    1. I’m hoping to fancy it up a little, My husband found it somewhere (probably the trash, lol) a long time ago. Thanks for commenting!!!


  2. Blaire says:

    I like the “rustic bench” on your Pinterest! 🙂


    1. I like that too! Michael just brought home a “pie server” (or whatever that round tiered thing is called) the other day too. Needless to say, its going right out there!


  3. Linda says:

    Lovely examples of potting benches! I really like the chalkboard idea–that’s a nice way to keep track of to-do’s!


    1. I like that too! I think I’m going to hang one right on the lattice to the right of the bench..


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