Christmas Herbs

It’s been so warm here in Salem that we have lots of fresh herbs for Christmas this year.

I consider them to be my own personal Christmas gift~IMG_7737There’s little bits of dill popping up out front… not quite enough to cook with but there may be just enough for a bowl of carrots in a day or two.
IMG_7735 I brushed my hand over lemon balm and was transported right back to July….

…in my mind, but it was very pleasant.IMG_7733a few more days like this and we could have blooming lavender again.IMG_7732 There’s fresh growth on the sage…IMG_7729 …along with the oregano.IMG_7727My rosemary plant that never quite made it inside this fall is full of beautiful fragrant foliage..IMG_7722…same with the thyme.
IMG_7719And I’m putting fresh parsley in everything..potatoes, chicken soup, you name it!

Merry Christmas to me!

Love, love, love,




  1. Merry Christmas, Michelle! Lucky you with the warmer weather. We have had cloudy, gloomy days for about a month. I really need some sunshine 🙂


    1. We had a lot of cloud and rain in December too Brenda. Hope it’s cleared up for you. We went from rain to extreme cold…


  2. Your family is eating well due to this strange weather pattern we have going here. 🙂


    1. Yes they did Judy! Now it’s over for awhile! Happy New Year!


  3. We had one really cold snap in October and since then it’s been warmer than usual. I have daffs about to bloom! Happy Christmas, Michelle.


    1. HI Marian! Happy Christmas and Happy New Year to you! I’m going to pop over and check out those daffodils!


  4. Dawn says:

    What a special gift, Michele! I’m going to follow the garden path to my Herb Garden this morning… just to take a peek! Enjoy your gift of fresh herbs today! ♡


    1. Thank you Dawn! We did enjoy them! Now their frozen solid, but you never know when the January thaw might hit!


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