The Salem Garden Club’s 2017 Garden Stroll

Every other year the Salem Garden Club holds a garden tour, officially called the “stroll”. This year’s tour highlighted gardens on Hamilton, Chestnut, Federal, Lynn and River Streets and I truly believe that it was the best ever! Michael and I enjoyed the tour before and after my volunteer time in one of the gardensContinue reading “The Salem Garden Club’s 2017 Garden Stroll”


What’s Happening in the Garden- May 13, 2017

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the moms who may be reading! One of the many luxuries I allowed myself this weekend was taking the time to snap some quick photos for a blog post.  These were taken yesterday before the inch or so of rain that we were hit with today. Spring has finally sprungContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Garden- May 13, 2017”

It’s Time to Plant the Pansies!

I know, I know, it’s still cold out, but, it really is time to plant the pansies! I was buying them yesterday and several other customers in the store asked me if they could go outside yet. Yes they can! Pansies will do just fine in early spring weather. I’ve even had them winter overContinue reading “It’s Time to Plant the Pansies!”

What’s Happening in the Garden- January 30, 2017

Hello out there and Happy 2017.  I’m feeling quite sad and worn by recent events here in the US and sometime I need a mental escape and happier thoughts, even if just for a few minutes. One of my biggest escapes is always the garden. We’ve had a mild winter so far but the garden isContinue reading “What’s Happening in the Garden- January 30, 2017”

Reflections of a (Former) Garden Center Merchandiser

Yesterday was my last day of employment as a rep/merchandiser for a company that provides huge volumes of plant material to a major (think orange) big box store here in New England. I started the position last April and had no idea of what I was getting into. I’m pretty sure that I’ve never lovedContinue reading “Reflections of a (Former) Garden Center Merchandiser”

And the Winner of the Harbor Sweets GATHER Chocolate Is….

Deborah Reichman!   who said…   “My leaf fennel plant draws lots of buzz activity as well as black swallowtail caterpillars. I would love to try your chocolates!” I’m going to look for some leaf fennel this week!  🙂 Thank you all for participating! I don’t do too many giveaways, but they are fun! Just toContinue reading “And the Winner of the Harbor Sweets GATHER Chocolate Is….”

GATHER Chocolate – A Wonderful New Collection of Chocolates from Harbor Sweets Handmade Chocolates and a Giveaway!

Good morning everyone! Happy Sunday and Happy Second Day of Rain is Falling Over Salem, Massachusetts Day! I’m so happy to finally see some precipitation.  We need it! We also need our bees! As we know, our pollinators are in peril. There are several theories about why we’re loosing them, but time and again researchContinue reading “GATHER Chocolate – A Wonderful New Collection of Chocolates from Harbor Sweets Handmade Chocolates and a Giveaway!”

What’s Been Happening in the Garden, for a While- September 14, 2016

So, the last time I worked on this post was September 1st and the last time I posted anything was … August 10th, from my vacation.. Aye aye aye.. One of the problems with garden blogging is that summer is a busy time in the garden, and at work, and with family… so just whenContinue reading “What’s Been Happening in the Garden, for a While- September 14, 2016”

Overnight Pickles

I’m starting to see lots of pictures of cucumber crops coming in everywhere, so I thought I’d share my favorite overnight pickles recipe since I haven’t posted it in a few years. This recipe is my mother-in-law’s and it’s the best overnight refrigerator pickle recipe ever! Here in the blogosphere we can track our postContinue reading “Overnight Pickles”