Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day-October 2013

Here’s my very late in the day, just under the wire Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day post!  I started it at 6:30 this morning (when it was technically too dark to take photos) and I was so close to finishing tonight that I just had to do it. I love reading all of the other posts, and while I don’t generally use the latin names, and some of my blooms may have been posted in months past, I find great satisfaction in participating.  So… here we go!

IMG_3781Our zinnias are still unfolding. I couldn’t live without zinnias.

IMG_3783The volunteer snapdragon carries on.

IMG_3784The cosmos continue, and so do the canoes.

IMG_3779A simple white chrysanthemum.

IMG_3785A pretty pink and white, very hardy chrysanthemum.

IMG_3786Classic yellow mums


And one of the last roses of summer.  I dug this rose bush out of the Harrington estate on Essex Street in Salem right before a bulldozer scraped the top ten inches of soil out of that yard about thirteen years ago. It blooms in June then comes back a bit in the fall. I moved part of it here from my garden on Forrester Street when we bought this house in 2002. I believe that the other half is still living down on Forrester St.


Of course there are chrysanthemums in a shade of rust. See what happens when you plant the hardy varieties rather than toss them?

IMG_3801The knockout roses forge on as well. You have to love them!

IMG_3817Zebra grass


IMG_3807And while not “blooming”, our woods just below the garden are full of fall color!

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  1. Beautiful shots – love the pink rose and its history. 🙂


  2. Sally says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a reply. It’s great to hear from another Massachusetts resident! I love your pic of the woods………wouldn’t it be great to walk into the picture and enjoy the day. Your roses are perfect. Esp. the pale pink. Looking forward to keeping in touch through your blog.


    1. It would be great! It’s nice to enjoy the view in the meantime! Looking forward to following you too! Thanks for saying hi!!


  3. I agree about Zinnias, they are essential. But I didn’t know that canoes were a good companion for cosmos!


    1. Canoes are a companion for everything around here, lol.


      1. And kayaks make excellent planters.


  4. says:

    The “woods” was my favorite shot. It even had a rock. Living in Florida, I suffer from rock envy.


    1. we do have rocks here, lol. That one is called “the big rock” by my kids. They’ve all played on it since they were small/ Good memories for me.


      1. says:

        I went to rock hunting in my sister’s Atlanta back yard this weekend (will blog about it) and dug up a rock so big I couldn’t haul it up the hill. She and her huz had to haul it up for me. Apparently, when they build houses in rock country, the construction crew digs them out of the foundation area and dumps them elsewhere in the yard.


  5. lulu says:

    I have nothing left blooming in my garden. In fact, everything is cut back waiting for spring to come again. BTW, I liked your FB page and would appreciate your like for Lulu’s Musings. I always appreciate hearing from you.


    1. You’ve got it! I really enjoy your blog, and facebook pages are my favorite way of keeping up with them. Hint, hint to my readers– be sure to check out Lulu’s Musings and like both of our facebook pages 😉


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