Our Coop Construction, 2007-Present

It’s time to get ready for those backyard chickens! I’ve encountered a few people who are thinking about building a chicken coop recently, so I thought I’d re-blog this post about our chicken coop construction process. It looks like I did the same thing last year as well. If you want more information on chicken keeping be sure to click on the Chickens category in the menu at the top of the page. Most of my posts about chickens can be found there! Michele

The Salem Garden

Good almost spring morning!

I seem to be encountering lots of people who are planning to build or buy a chicken coop these days so I thought I’d share an overview of ours as it was constructed.

We didn’t exactly plan the coop before our first batch of chicks arrived in 2007 so our pullets (young chickens) lived in our basement for several months during construction. I don’t recommend that at all. You will save yourself a huge amount of anxiety by building or buying a coop before your chicks arrive. We kind of go with the flow around here but those few months were quite difficult. Fortunately we were totally in love with our brand new chickens so we all got through it together.

Okay, here goes:
IMG_0440The garden, pre chicken, around 2006.


The very beginning… The corner posts were placed into holes dug approximately two feet into the…

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  1. commonweeder says:

    We never built our own coop. The Heath house came with an old coop and we never improved on it. One advantage it had is that it was divided in two. When you entered there was room and electricity, in season, to brood the chicks. The second section, separated by a slatted wall had the egg boxes and room for many chickens. One year I went on a tour of chicken houses and wrote about each one on my blog. Lots of good ideas to consider. One hen house was a true work of art!


    1. It’s fun to see what people do with their chicken coops and these days people do everything from dog kennels to multilevel houses with gingerbread trim! I should do some posts about that sometime. Separate space for chicks and chickens like you had would be great when adding to the flock!


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