Things That Work For Me–TV Turnoff Time

This week’s “Things That Work For Me” post could really be titled “Things That Work For Us”.

Every family has their own approach to the television’s place in their home from “its on all the time” to “we don’t own a TV”.  We live right in the middle. We do own a TV that we enjoy, but we set limits. The basic rule governing television viewing in our house is very simple;  It’s turned off every day from 10 am until 6 pm.  I must admit that there is sometimes an adjustment if someone is sick and needs a diversion to pass time or on really (and I mean really) cold, wet days when we can’t get outside. In the case of the latter we might watch a movie or turn it on at 5:00 instead of 6:00.

This very simple method of limiting TV screen time has many benefits, for example:

*We find other, active things to do.

*It provides some quiet during the day (one of my favorites).

*There is more cooperation and much less fighting among siblings.

*We spend more time together.

*Homework gets done early, with less fuss.

*We get creative and try new things.

*We read more and we go lots of places.

*Everyone is propelled outside to play, breathe fresh air and to spend time in the garden!

I could go on and on with my list but you get the idea. I’m not trying to speak in favor or against TV viewing, but rather I’m sharing an alternative that works well here in our house.

We started this last June and I’ve noticed that after a while the turn off seemed to extend beyond the “before ten and after six” time frame. When the tv is off for most of the day the habit is broken and it’s not the “go to” activity anymore. Everyone becomes engaged in other things and kind of forgets about watching it.

What works for you? Do you limit television and if so, how do you do it?

My inquiring, tv-less (most of the time) mind wants to know~




  1. Michael Parr says:

    Sounds familiar! I like it!


    1. LOL, Good thing you do!


  2. Maryann says:

    Yes, we limit TV, too for many of the reasons you mentioned. The number one reason was that it would cause a battle every time it was time to turn it off to shower, get ready for bed, etc. So three years ago when my youngest started school we made a rule of no TV during the week (we try to wait until the kids are in bed before we turn it on, but sometimes my husband forgets!) I have never been big on watching, but my husband finds lots more on that he likes. As you mentioned though there are times when the kids are home sick or when the Olympics or certain holiday specials are on (who can resist The Peanuts gang?) and we relax the rule. On weekends, I like it off by 10:00 and not on until late afternoon. We just try to be sensible about limiting those things that fall what into the category we call “screen time.”


    1. I like that no tv during the week idea, hmmm… Thank You for commenting Maryann!!


  3. Christie says:

    That’s a great rule! We don’t have kids, so in a lot of ways, we don’t really have set rules or a problem with television. In the winter, we certainly watch more – strictly movies and Netflix since neither of us can stand commercials – but we don’t turn the TV on until 7 pm or later most evenings. On the weekends, I do love me some football, but again, typically we aren’t turning it on until well after dark. And I like it that way – there are too many other errands and fun things to do outside!


    1. Before we had kids we were always out doing stuff too Christie. I like it that way too!


  4. EA Bussey says:

    I agree – less is best. We have always had just one TV and only in the livingroom. We never allowed them in the kids rooms or ours.

    It is off all day. We have movie or show time at night. And like you mentioned. On rare occasion if someone is sick. We’ve thought of getting rid of it but opted for no cable instead.


    1. No, never in the kids rooms here either. Mine try to tell me that their the only kids in the world who don’t have tvs in their rooms, lol. Thank you for visiting and for commenting EA!


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