Wordless Wednesday-Salem Snow Farm




  1. Looks like Maine! It’ll be 50 degrees today, but we still have giant snowbanks. Hopefully a lot will melt!


    1. It’s crazy! My daughter and I looked out at our two feet of packed down snow this morning and had a conversation about how much better it is now, lol… it is melting slowly but surely!


  2. You can hardly go down a main street in town without meeting a front loader and a dump truck full of the ugly stuff. But, eventually it will be gone. Yeah. 🙂


    1. I know, it’s the same way here. It will be gone Judy! Today was an excellent melting day!


  3. Free snow? what a deal!!!


    1. One couple in the area has made a business of selling the snow and shipping it in styrofoam coolers for more than $80 Brenda! I’m sure that they still have a good inventory if anyone wants some.


      1. Oh my goodness! Crazy


  4. What a winter you have had! Amazing how quickly it can all melt away, though. Think Spring 😉


  5. Beth M says:

    went out there with my son… He loved it, but I am still reeling with the amount of snow there. When will it melt? By his birthday? (June)


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