Financial Aid Forms vs Garden Blogging

I’m stuck again. Darn it! I have a nice long list of blog post ideas sitting here on my desktop and I cannot gather my thoughts, let alone photos, words or sentences to write about any of them. As I picked up from the weekend and thought about what to do I realized that the reason I’m stuck is because I have to, and I do mean have to finish the financial aid forms. I think that if I do just that one thing I will be free and able to get back to normal. You know that if I share this here in public I’ll do it. It’s amazing what I get done when I feel accountable to you.

Here’s my senior in high school.

IMG_0314You can read about him here and here.

I need to do right by this kid. He’s going places πŸ˜‰

So wish me luck, I’m on my way!

Send me energy, send me math skills!

Thank you all in advance!




  1. Blaire says:

    Okay- sent you what you wished- now have it done by 2pm…… (?)- Good luck!


    1. Thank you Blaire! I didn’t get them done, I may blog about that tomorrow, although I’m not sure that people would want to hear about my day today, lol. I’m going to finish them, really I am!!


  2. Suzanne says:

    I did our FAFSA the other day for 2 of my kids. We never get any aid, but I keep hoping!!


    1. I’ll hope for you too Suzanne!!


  3. Susan Webber says:

    I am working on my final, forever, FAFSA form. Never got any aid, but it helps to get them eligible for college based work study programs. OMG Fafsa for five kids, over the next 14 or so years – Yikes


    1. Lucky, lucky you! Your right, I will be doing these forms for the rest of my life. If just one person would say they got aid I would be beyond happy to do it!


  4. What an inspiration your son is! Good luck the the FAFSA’s. My youngest son just graduated college inDecember, so I am officially done with those! Yippee!!! BTW, my son went through college on golf scholarship. He also taught golf to kids in the summer and one of his classes was for young kids (5-6 yrs. old) with disabilities. I remember him telling me how much those kids taught HIM! Sounds like your son will go far and I know you are very proud of him.


    1. Thank you! We are so happy for him, he’s doing great! and congratulations to you!


  5. It is good to know that the FASFA forms have not changed over the years! It is probably more dreaded then doing your own taxes! I wish you luck Michele! For the record I have no doubt ALL of your children are going places! πŸ˜‰


  6. thank you Joy (about the children)! and my 2012 taxes are DONE, which I think confirms your statement, lol!


  7. nutsfortreasure says:

    You are blessed to have each other


  8. EA Bussey says:

    I’ve got a senior this year too – last one out of the nest YIKES! Thanks for sharing the links about your son. Very inspiring young man.


    1. Thank you EA! and congratulations to you and your last senior!


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