What’s Happening in the Garden– April 7, 2014

What’s happening? Well there’s a little bit of spring out there. It may not be as much as we’re used to at this point in April, but it’s coming along.


Yesterday I dug  up the very end of a bed and planted some lettuce in anticipation of the soaking rain that we were expecting today, The rain is here, so grow lettuce grow!


Chives are peeking through…


The rosemary didn’t make it but I kind of expected that. For this plant to winter over in the kind of winter that we had this year was a huge stretch. I did manage to maintain a plant in the house and I consider that a huge victory!


There’s a little bit of yarrow peeking through.


The girls say hi!


This guy is still perched on his rock but I think his front legs were amputated. Go figure?

IMG_5149 The pond is home to the canoe again.

IMG_4540Very different from the skating days of a few weeks ago. It’s only a foot deep and it’s been very cold so the kids skated up to the last possible second.

IMG_5158Mr and Mrs Mallard are back!

IMG_5161I love this old bench. It was given to Michael by Lucy Set, one of our old neighbors on Forrester Street. 

IMG_5176 Winnie was thrilled to be sitting in his spot while I planted yesterday. I think it’s time for a haircut.

IMG_5177 It’s good to see the markers coming back!

IMG_5137 And theres a little bit of tomato seedling started in the basement. More to come on them soon I hope! It looks like it’s time to get out my manicure scissors to thin them back a bit. I’ll cut off one of the two plants in the cell to give the remaining plant the best possible chance. I’m focusing a lot on seed starting at work this year and carrying everything I learn home. I love that the garden lessons that I learn for my job are so helpful to us here. You can read about our seed starting adventures at Bass River here. We’ve been having fun!

How’s your garden growing? Tell me about it!

Enjoy everything!




  1. It certainly does look like spring at your house and it’s a welcome sign isn’t it. It is also nice to have a gardening companion and such a handsome one too. 🙂


    1. He’s the sweetest companion in the world. I love having his company in the garden!


  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    Love it!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        🙂 Hi Hasn’t the weather be nice 🙂 Got my first sunburn passing out all the Pansies people bout and my first Deer Tick


  3. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

    I’m just a tad envious of your pond. I have one, too, but it’s not big enough for a canoe.


    1. this pond kind of ebbs and flows, literally, lol. It’s a vernal pool so it fills up beautifully like this then dries up later in the summer. In spite of all of that we really do enjoy it!


      1. Southernruralroute.wordpress.com says:

        Dadgum. Use big words on me, will ya? I had to go look up vernal to see what it meant.


  4. LOL! I wouldn’t know what it vernal means if I wasn’t living with it 😉


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