Just a Simple Crocus

I snuck out for a few minutes this morning to take photos of one of my three, yes three, crocus that are blooming.



I think that this might be the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Spring is really, truly here!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around. I was on such a wonderful chicken posting roll and then the reality of life with a large family completely took over. I’ll be back in action very soon.

Love, Michele (that blogger you know who’s getting ready for oldest daughter’s prom, planting seeds, planning several gardens, caring for chickens, pets and people, serving on various community committees and working part time).



  1. liliandruve says:

    I adore it!


    1. awww… I’m glad you like it! Thanks for stopping and commenting!


  2. Hooray for you! I’ve been shoveling snow off my raised beds and to make a path to get to them. I’ve still got piles four feet deep. But…I have seen a few sprigs of green on some of the perennials that are uncovered. And, while I shovel snow I hear birds singing. I think we made it through this wicked winter. Good luck with all your adventures you are involved in. 🙂


  3. Michele says:

    I haven’t found any crocuses yet. Mine pop up in the strangest places since the trees they were planted beneath had to be removed (Hurricane Sandy). I will look again tomorrow and hope for one of those happy blooms in my yard.


  4. nutsfortreasure says:

    Lovely for sure!

    I am hoping to hit Boston for lunch with one of blog followers who has flown in from CA I may see these down there too much snow and flooding here.


  5. 3 is better than none! Life is hitting us hard right now, too! Spring is such a busy time. Good luck with prom! I had boys so that was super easy but I remember me and my two sisters during that time. Crazy! And that was the days of Farrah hair. We spent a lot of time in our one itty bitty bathroom!


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