What’s Happening in the Garden-June 30

Good Morning! Happy Sunday! The sun is out and I’m ready to rock and roll out in the garden this morning! We’ve had pretty crazy weather here in Salem, Massachusetts. It’s often been sunny out, but then it rains. Then it rains torrentially, then the sun comes out. Then we have a thunderstorm. Then it’s sunny. It’s been pretty weird.

Since we’ve had so much rain we have lots of fungi scattered everywhere. This grass was freshly cut yesterday afternoon and by this morning this guy (and several of his friends) had appeared.IMG_1954

Down in the garden, the staked tomatoes are staked. I’m going to do a bit more pruning today. I’m taking away the bottom branches in hopes of keeping the diseases off of the plants. I wish I’d done a ground cover. If I find salt marsh hay in my travels today I may still add some in around these plants.

Good morning girls! IMG_1960

Tomatillo, that I started from seed. They were spindly, sad seedlings and I thought that they were a lost cause but I plunked them in anyway and here we are. I think I’ll spread them out a bit and see what we get. IMG_1968

We have tomatoes! This is “mortgage lifter.” Their said to reach three pounds and taste wonderful.  I’m very excited about these! Notice the little velcro ties? I’ve never seen these before so I thought I’d give them a try. So far so good. IMG_1966

The brussel sprouts look happy…IMG_1972

as do the shallots.IMG_1971

And another sweetie tomato seedling that I’d given up for lost. Plants are more resilient than we think sometimes!IMG_1969

Cabbage, with cosmos for color…. Someone thought the cosmos were a weed yesterday, lol. He put them back. IMG_1975

More fungi… at first glance I thought that this was one of my long, skinny friends with a stripe on it’s back. I was pretty happy when I realized that it wasn’t.

Cauliflower is flowering. I’ve never grown cauliflower before and we love to eat it!IMG_1981 Bush beans are coming along nicely.IMG_1980 The snapdragons self seeded to help light up the chicken coop steps. IMG_1978 The peas did their thing… they climbed in spite of the wind and rain!IMG_1985 Horseradish…IMG_1983Banana Pepper..
IMG_1994 Bee Balm ready to flower…IMG_1992 and a greeting by the shyest cat in the world when I came back inside. See, family and friends, Mittens does exist… just a few of us ever see her.IMG_1997

Time to get out there! There’s weeding to do!

Enjoy everything!

Love, Michele



  1. Looks beautiful! Happy Sunday!


    1. thanks Brenda! take care!


  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    Just 45 min south of me and your garden it that much further along not enough sun may need to make my organic feed up and give them some food while it is nice before the next onslaught hits 🙂

    Off to hang a load of whites on the line and weed the last part of the garden while I wait for lawn to dry so I do not electrocute myself trimming can seem to get gas one to start 😦 not good with all this WEATHER.

    Have a great day!


  3. dayphoto says:

    LUSH! That is what you have a lush yard and garden!

    Hey Boomer! Hey Fuzzy! Mom said I should tell you that we are sending magical thoughts for cooler weather and maybe some rain for you. We hope that the smoke isn’t making your Mom sick and that you have a nice holiday—where it’s cool.


  4. Hi Michele, I am so slow to visit other blogs but I am really glad I’ve visited you! You are growing so many things (and I got to see what my Brussels Sprouts will hopefully look like!), and they are doing so well! I look forward to watching your garden! 🙂 Dana


  5. There is a feeling you get when you walk through the garden and it is starting to mature, thank you for taking me along…The pictures are wonderful.


    1. yes, it is a special time in the garden! thanks for stopping by and saying hi Charlie!


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