What’s This?

Here’s a little project that we’ve worked on at Bass River for the past few days. I was able to engage a number of different people at each step along the way from figuring out what we were working with to creating the blog post. Now I’m hoping it leafs out and starts growing!

Bass River Gardens


We wondered…

We thought it could be


or antlers

or maybe a cactus…

Then John smelled it and knew right away that it was ginger!


So we soaked it overnight..


filled the bottom of a flowerpot with stones…


and added a soil mixture of half potting soil and half vermicompost.


We dug a little hole and plunked it in!


It’s ready to grow on a bed of rocks for extra humidity and we have fresh ginger to look forward to!

Post by Michele, with John C, Andrew A, Tanya, Ellie, Jay, Mike and Miguel

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  1. Interesting project. Hope you’ll keep us posted along the way. I would love to see how it grows along.


    1. Hi Judy, I will… these little winter gardening projects that we do at Bass River are really fun.


  2. I grow culinary ginger in the herb garden each year. The leaves are fragrant, too! It sometimes flowers on buds at the ground level.


    1. Do you grow it as an annual or a perennial Arthur?

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      1. It has to be dug before frost, otherwise, it was be all squishy and not usable if frozen. You can always grow it in a pot and bring it inside.


  3. Cool! I never thought of trying to grow ginger from a store-bought root.


    1. I think I came across the idea in one of my horticultural therapy books. It’s organic so it might work?


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