Motorcycle Parades, Herb Freezing Time and Spiders

Life here in Salem, Massachusetts is so much fun and so crazy right now.

Yesterday we enjoyed one of my favorite Halloween activities, the annual Motorcycle Ride for Muscular Dystrophy.


Really, where else can you see this? I read a conversation on Facebook last night about moving the event to a different month because it disrupts traffic and creates confusion for other visitors. I guess it would be successful at any time of the year but I think that it adds a lot of fun to our Halloween season.


These are nice people dressed as superheroes

IMG_3458and pumpkins.

Hundreds of them ride into the downtown together, then they enjoy the city and give the economy a little extra lift, all for a great cause!

IMG_3314Before we left for the bike parade I chopped back some parsley yesterday.

IMG_3325I left some to keep it growing as long as I can.

Truly fresh parsley is the best!

IMG_3330I separated the chicken food from the good green stuff…

IMG_3333washed it off well..
IMG_3336chopped off the leaves…
IMG_3342and then chopped them finely.

IMG_3358I put it into an ice cube tray..IMG_3362then I added some water and froze it until today.

IMG_3773Now I have parsley ice cubes, all ready for winter cooking!
IMG_3775I stuck them in a freezer bag and stored them away.IMG_3366Another easy way to freeze parsley is to just pop it into a bag like Michael’s mom does. I was feeling pretty ambitious yesterday when I made the ice cubes. I enjoy that moment in January when I come home from a busy day and just pop the little cube into the dish I’m making. It’s really your preference.

And lastly, I’ll leave you with this photo that I took downtown yesterday:

IMG_3767How great are these guys?

We love our Halloween here in Salem!

Enjoy Everything!




  1. Love the giant spiders!


    1. aren’t they cool? I have my eye out for some for my house!


  2. nutsfortreasure says:

    Planning our annual trip Halloween to witness the spectacle πŸ™‚


    1. let me know when your coming and I’ll try to pop down to say hi Eunice!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        I have to see the surgeon and I am trying to see if we can go. Can I bring JT on a leash of course. I do not ever remember fireworks just live bands in the streets she love music like her Momma πŸ™‚


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