Winter Lettuce and Spinach On the Rooftop!

I’d like to introduce the “other blog” in my life! Bass River Gardens is the blog that I’ve created with the individuals who I work with in my position as an adaptive gardening specialist. Last week we planted an experiment in our new “cold frame” and I thought it might be a good time to share Bass River here on The Salem Garden. This is a really cool project and so easy to do! Check it out, and while your there please look at some of the other posts that we’ve created and follow us! We’re having a good time in the Bass River Gardens, even in the cold weather! Michele

Bass River Gardens

We made a cold frame for our rooftop garden a few weeks ago. A cold frame is like a little greenhouse and it’s used to extend the growing season by keeping in the heat and keeping out the cold, snow and wind. We made ours very inexpensively using window well covers, metal clips and bungie cords. You can watch the video that showed us how to do it here.

We decided to try to grow different kinds of lettuce and spinach to see what varieties would grow best in the cold frame.


We made labels for each packet of seeds,


Then we went up to the roof, lifted the cover off and got ready to plant.


Each set of seeds was gently planted.


And carefully marked Β with a white label.


When we were done planting we had five varieties of lettuce and three types of spinach ready to grow!



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  1. nutsfortreasure says:

    This coming season when the snow melts I will only grow my food in containers. I will let the garden rest under manure and composted goodies from the yard and kitchen till the soil is black once again AND NO WEEDING πŸ™‚ aha I will have time to play πŸ™‚


    1. I hope you do Eunice! I love to weed so I’d kind of miss it but I’m glad you’ll have the rest that you need and refreshed beds down the road will be great!


      1. nutsfortreasure says:

        That is my hope saw surgeon yesterday he wanted to do procedure right away I said I had winter to deal with first 😦


      2. nutsfortreasure says:

        Check out my Epping Garden Club Facebook page I am on yours too I have 3 pages πŸ™‚ I post something you may like this morning on it πŸ™‚ Stay safe with the snowfall on it’s way I hate winning jackpots like this one πŸ™‚


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