What’s Happening in the Garden–September 26

I’m a little bit behind on my What’s Happening update.  Soccer, dance and golf (and school) are our main focus right now. Garden time is precious, as is blogging time.   Blogging makes me motivated to get things done out there. Right now I’m wishing I’d gotten fall veggies in. I missed the window, but this is life with a large busy family. I really try to take one thing at a time and enjoy it all!

Anyway, out to the garden we go!!

Bye-bye Black-eyed Susan! These will need to be cut back soon. If anyone who lives nearby would like some please let me know. They need to be divided.

We are still enjoying the zinnias! and that poor window box needs some attention. It gets lots of sun so if we miss a watering it suffers  a lot. 

There are still some peppers coming along. Just a few every few days, but we enjoy them.

Mesclun! Love, love, love this!

And the tomatoes are still producing too. I’m watching the frost predictions, we should be okay for a few more weeks. I guess I could bring them in but I don’t really have room and I like when they ripen on the vine.

Hello chickens! This one is cute but she’s a little bit aggressive for a buff orphington.

They really love the dust bath?

I don’t get it, but it’s fun to watch.

I would prefer this nice soft nest if I were them.

Lupines for next year! My neighbors Becky and Mags brought these over and I plopped them in. I’m looking forward to blooms next June. They are gorgeous over in their yard.

And this whole area needs to be dug out and reconfigured. Michael and I keep talking about it. This side of the yard makes me edgy because every time I set foot in here I find a snake. I hate snakes. For some reason I think I won’t see them just across the yard in the fenced in “garden”.. That chrysanthemum really popped out when the tree that used to be to it’s left was taken out in the spring.  Good light means everything.

This Japanese Maple tree came from Mrs Landi’s yard. Mrs Landi is a very dear friend of my Mom’s. I’ve had it in this pot for several years because I can’t decide where to plant it. It’s looking a bit weather worn right now but it actually does very well like this. When it gets colder we’ll put it in the garage for the winter and just water it a little bit. Next spring it will be back and beautiful again. Someday I may plant it but I like to move it around and I enjoy it so much in the pot.

This is a stream of consciousness post if ever there was one!

Please leave me a comment so I know you were here. I keep seeing all the views and wondering who is actually reading this..

Off to clean, cook and take kids places!

Thanks for stopping by! Love,  Michele



  1. PJ Girl says:

    Everything still looks great… the wet weather here is just making things soggy and brown! Your chickens look so happy dust bathing 🙂


    1. Is it still rainy there PJ? Hasn’t it been a very long time? Do you follow the blog by the lady who was moving into her garden for the summer (I’m pretty sure she’s British too)?


      1. PJ Girl says:

        It’s barely stopped raining and the flood areas are worsening. It’s been the worst Summer since official records began over 100yrs ago! The wettest, coldest and dullest…
        I do follow the Willow Cottage Garden blog but she’s not posted anything for a couple of months. I hope she completed her work okay.


  2. June Varcoe says:

    HI from June. I read your Blog everyday and really enjoy it. Love from me to you and yours


    1. Hi June!! Thank you! Lots of love from all of us to all of you!


  3. Susan Webber says:

    Hi Michele. I am a faithful reader of your blog. Sometimes i catch up a week’s worth all at once. I have no gardening skills, and with clay soil and too many deer, keeping a nice garden is a real challenge. About10 ye


    1. I’ve never encountered clay soil, I would think the best answer to that would be to use lots of raised beds! Thank you so, so much for reading and for letting me know!!


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