Organic Rubine Red Brussels Sprouts

Take a look at some beautiful red brussels sprouts in the Irish country side. This post made me smile this morning! Michele

Mom in the Garden

We have patiently waited for our Brussels Sprouts (Organic Rubine Red) to be ready to harvest.  Just in time to fulfill the Irish tradition of serving sprouts for Christmas, our Rubine Red sprouts were ready to be picked this week! I was thankful that my husband had gone out into the garden while it was still sunny.  We had our first hard frost this week, which gives everything a lovely crystal look, but is cold to be harvesting vegetables!

My husband enjoys cooking, even more so when he doesn’t use a recipe.  So I can tell you that they tasted delicious, but I can’t give you an exact recipe!  He boiled them for a few minutes with some rashers (similar to Canadian bacon), and then baked them in the oven while the turkey was cooking.  They looked pretty too, being rather purple in color.  I know that earlier in the…

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  1. Hi Michele, How lovely to get your comment on my blog today. I’m delighted to make you smile! Many thanks for sharing my post. We love Brussels Sprouts! 🙂 Dana


  2. Your post is really lovely and I knew that my readers would enjoy it too. We had a nice little discussion about sourcing and growing red brussels spouts on my facebook page too. I think I’m going to start some in the spring.


  3. nutsfortreasure says:

    Thanks! I can not wait to GROW!!! Happy New Year!


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