My Lavender Is Loaded…


With bumble bees of course, and they are amazing! I’ve been kind of obsessed with these creatures this week. On Monday we discovered that our lavender plant at work was buzzing with them so the people that I work with and I have been enjoying them a lot. We’ve been watching them hard at work and talking about different types of insects and how important they are to our garden.  We even took photos with our ipad and published our own blog post about them. When I got home I found myself doing the same thing here so I spent half an hour yesterday trying to get the perfect macro bee shot. Photographing bees is a lot like taking pictures of chickens, their always in motion so it’s tough to get it right.  I think I’ll try using a tripod today and fiddle with the camera settings a bit more.  









Unfortunately it’s becoming increasingly clear that bees are dying by the millions because of pesticide use.  This article from the Boston Globe Magazine a few Sundays ago details one study and speaks to how difficult it is for the research to be taken seriously.

Check out the links to other articles just below too, then slow down and take a few minutes to watch the bees at work today.

Enjoy everything!




  1. Vera says:

    We plant sunflowers for the bees and the birds. I love going out at different times of the day to see their activity-or not! Early in the morning, I’ll usually find drowsy bees on the flowers, and as the sun warms them up, they get very active, flying from sunflower to sunflower.


    1. It’s fun to watch the wildlife that the garden brings in Vera! I think I’ll go look for some drowsy bees right now, lol.


  2. I love to see bees on flowers and in the vegetable garden. You did a great job with the pics!


  3. Hi Michele, Here in Europe they have banned one of the pesticides thought to be harmful to bees. I actually think they are doing a trial to see if it helps their population (meaning that if it doesn’t improve they are going to allow its use in later years!). Hard to understand how people don’t think that using chemicals will be harmful in the long run. Dana


  4. p.s. beautiful lavender!


  5. nutsfortreasure says:



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