Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day- July 2013

I have exactly five seconds to photograph, write and publish this post because I’m heading in to Boston for day two of Boston College new parent orientation this morning.  So busy and so much fun! Here’s what I’ve got at 6:08 am in Salem, Massachusetts on the fifteenth of July.  Have a great day garden bloggers and Salem Garden readers!  I’ll be checking out all of your gardens later!

Love, Michele

IMG_2110 IMG_2109 IMG_2108 IMG_2107 IMG_2106 IMG_2104 IMG_2103 IMG_2102 IMG_2100 IMG_2098 IMG_2095ps/ Be sure to visit Maydreamsgardens to see the other bloom day posts! Off I go!



  1. Your garden is gorgeous. Hope your trip to Boston went well.


    1. Thanks Judy! It was great!


  2. Michele, when you get back from your busy day, I sure would love to see captions on the photos so I know names of the lovely flowers you shared today. When you get a few minutes . . .

    Michele in CT


    1. Michele, I’m totally exhausted but I’ll try hard to work on that in the next few days, I promise!


  3. commonweeder says:

    It’s daylily season in the upper elevations of Massachusetts, but I’ll have to wait for the coneflowers and such. Some plants will probably never bloom – deer! I hope you had fun at parent orientation. An exciting time in a family’s life.


    1. their coming! our black eyed susan haven’t bloomed yet but their trying. Parent orientation was great! one more day tomorrow then we should be all set.


  4. New parent orientation! I remember those. Most memorable was the mother who asked if it was true that all the virgins were assigned to one particular dorm. Anyhow, I like your flowers, particularly the Obedient Plant, which I wish I had. That flower that looks like blue obedient plant, what is that?


    1. that’s actually a really pale purple, almost pink flower and I think it’s an obedient plant? I’ve had it since long before I started to pay attention to plant names so I’m not really sure.. and there were some pretty funny and interesting questions and comments today but nothing about virgins, lol!


  5. nutsfortreasure says:

    Very nice!


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