Wordless Wednesday-2/4/15- Contrast


The iris will be here soon!

Love,  Michele




  1. Beautiful pictures!
    As pretty as the snow is, I can’t wait for summer! 🙂


    1. thanks Michelle! I love summer too. I’ve been close to home for the past few days so I’m feeling appreciative of the winter slowdown. I think that may change when I go out to do errands in a little while!


  2. I know your intention was not for anyone to have a good chuckle from your beautiful photos, but I had one. The roads are so narrow, and the parking lots have been cut in half, I’m not sure where we are going to put more of it. 🙂


    1. Oh I think chuckling is a very good idea Judy! If we can’t laugh at this we might not make it to spring!


  3. I love this! The snow versions are so rounded.


    1. Yes, it’s kind of like living inside of or next to a giant marshmallow.


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