Up On The Rooftop

I spent some time on Houzz this morning poking around and looking at beautiful rooftop gardens.  The caption for each is right under the photo. There just might be a rooftop garden (or two) in my immediate future~     Enjoy!


  1. I fell in love with those pictures! I am a big fan of roof gardens. Think there is something really intriguing about them – not only spending time in nature high above the ground, but also the view from sky it’s a lot better when it’s green city under you. I have a favorite roof garden in Toronto , but now it’s covered in snow. Can’t wait for spring and blooming flowers. Thank you for sharing, your post has been a wonderful inspiration for me.


  2. Have you seen the Hundertwasserhouse in Vienna? It’ s a beautiful place, not only with a garden on top, but also with trees growing out of windows. Thank you once again.


  3. Wow, I’m totally gobsmacked. People are so wonderfully creative. I’m lucky if I can get a few passing leaves to lodge up on my rooftop to help with a more earthy look, but these ideas are stunning!


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