Scooter Walking By The Ocean

This walkway on the ocean is just a mile away from here, on the border of the city of Lynn and the town of Swampscott.  It’s a great place to get out and take a good walk. We’ve been enjoying it lately as it’s one of the few places thats cleared to walk with so much snow on the sidewalks and roads. It’s also a nice place for my kids to ride scooters and bikes. The roadway to the side is busy, but far enough away that we all feel quite safe. I’m not sure that the other walkers feel quite safe but the kids try their best to be considerate.



My little guy edited these photos. He loves to play with iphoto. It’s fun to see what he comes up with.IMG_0667



There’s the Boston skyline in the background, and a touch of “antique” in the editing process. The city is really a little bit further away than it looks. There must be a photographic term for when the distant background advances forward in a photo?  Anyone know?IMG_0679

Looking over at the small town of Nahant. Nahant is an island that is connected to the mainland by a very thin causeway. See the plane landing at Logan in the background?IMG_0680

And turning around, looking back at Swampscott…IMG_0684 I love a brisk walk in cool ocean air!

Enjoy everything!




  1. markwmeehan says:

    Is there were we drove on the way to meet the rest of the family? Beautiful!


    1. Yes it is Mark, and these pictures don’t do it justice… I’ve got to get back on a nicer day sometime soon. Maybe when you guys come visit 😉


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