What’s Happening in the Garden- September 26, 2015

Hi everyone,

Well, it looks like I just took another long hiatus from blogging. So much has happened and I’ve been debating about whether or not to share it all. It’s hard, life changing stuff and I guess I need some time before I do. I’m sure that I’ll find the words and ways to talk about it.  We’ve spent a lot of time away from home this summer but the garden just kept growing and growing…

What’s happening? Let’s see…
IMG_9476The herbs are thriving…

For the most part they don’t mind drought, or at best, inconsistent watering, like most plants do.
IMG_9475The parsley and snapdragon and oregano just forge on, along with the mint and thyme, chives and dill…

Herbs are so easy to grow.

IMG_9501The morning glory and moonflower are doing their September appearance. It’s hard to wait all summer for these to really get going, but it’s so worth it.
IMG_9502They are perfect…
IMG_9503and beautiful!

IMG_9495This is not the best photo, but I still wanted to show you that a few of the Cut and Come Again zinnias have finally started to shine in front of the fence.

IMG_9499The more I cut them, the more they grow. I may try to get some arranged for the “In a Vase on Monday” blog hop.
IMG_9487This guy is haunting… he just keeps coming back.
IMG_9491I’m pretty sure it’s tomatillo… but so so late in the season. Am I wrong about that?

IMG_9489This is what happens when broccoli bolts… bet you don’t get to see that too often. Just as it started to move toward getting ready to pick we had a very hot spell and that was the end of the broccoli.
IMG_9512This variety of pepper is Buran, a native of Poland. Their nice, light and tasty with rather thin skins.
IMG_9510The hot red peppers are ready to be strung up to dry, then I’ll shred them into flakes. We like hot foods but these are pretty intense when their fresh.
IMG_9482I lost the tag to this yellow tomato but I have to say that it’s delightful. It’s sweet and holds it shape in salsa or stir fry.

IMG_9486Romas, for sauce…

IMG_9506The Kellogg’s Breakfast variety are still green but should start turning any day now. These weigh at least a pound each. I’m looking forward to slicing one open to taste it.IMG_9511Little sweeties… perfect little pops for eating, cooking, anything!

IMG_9480I planted fresh cilantro in early August in anticipation of the salsa that would be coming.

IMG_9479I missed the window for planting sweet peas in the spring so here they come for the fall. Something chomped on them while we were away and they grew right back when we came home and there was more activity in our yard again… hoping for some blooms soon!
IMG_9478Swiss chard is another nice cool weather vegetable. Something is eating at it a little bit, maybe slugs?

IMG_9483The red onions are almost ready to be harvested…

IMG_9473and the white onions are curing on the bottom of a nursery tray turned over. It’s not sophisticated, but I have to say yay for nursery trays as drying racks, it’s really working.


It’s a good thing that the peppers, onions and cilantros are ready to make salsa.

I’m going to have a busy morning. I might even can some, we’ll see!

How’s your garden growing? I have some blog reading to do!

It’s good to be back.

Love you all, Michele




  1. lulu says:

    I don’t have to ask how your garden grows for I see from your photos that it’s doing quite well.


    1. 🙂 Thanks Lulu! Hope all is well! xo


  2. Arlene Price says:

    The garden looks wonderful ! We need a summers end festival like we use or have in Barrett ! You would wind many ribbons ! 🙂


    1. Hi Arlene! I wonder if they still have it? I’ve spent lots of time there lately but haven’t heard about it. Hope all is well with you! Go Witches!!


  3. Wow – my garden is a thing of the past and here’s yours in all its beauty. I’m jealous that you are still enjoying fresh, beautiful produce. Way to go! Glad you are back. Life is a journey isn’t it – hills and valleys. 🙂


    1. Hi Judy! still enjoying here nineteen days later! Hope all is well with you! xo

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Everything is lovely and that tomatillo will make a great salsa verde!


    1. Thanks Arthur! I hope the tomatillos make it. Their still growing, lots more little pods. I hope they make it before the frost, we’ll see in the next or two.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Dawn says:

    So much color in your garden, Michele! I love the zinnias with your picket fence in the background. It’s nice to peek into your herb garden, too. The garden is always a nice place to find peace and comfort. Sending big hugs! ♡


    1. aw, thanks Dawn! I love the zinnias too. I can never grow enough of them! Thanks for the hugs!

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Good to see your garden. It’s looks so good. Mine has been neglected. Oh well. I have also been out of the blogging loop, too. Hope you are doing well. Something about walking through the garden always bring me peace.


    1. Hi Brenda! Thanks, mine has been quite neglected too actually. We were away very often and would pop in at home and spend a few hours trying to catch up. It was okay in the end and the season hasn’t really ended here quite yet. Hope all is well with you.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Barbara Parr says:

    Your vegetables are wonderful. I love the swiss chard. My garden changes
    every season. It is so spiritual to walk in and talk to!
    Mom Parr


    1. Thanks, yes, it is the most wonderful place to be!


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