Last day of School!

Summer vacation is here!

I had a few happy faces on the way out this morning. I wish they were this chipper every day..

That little guy of  mine is so ready!!

So is this little girl.

Bye bus! One last time..

Summer seems endless today, let the adventure begin!

Before we know it I’ll be posting back to school photos, won’t I?



  1. Blaire says:

    So cute!


    1. Hi Blaire! Thanks! I missed you at the fireworks!


  2. PJ Girl says:

    Having never visited the US a lot of my information is from TV or the movies… and it’s great to see the yellow school bus! I hope you are have a lovely Summer x


    1. HI there PJ! I’m sorry I’m late in replying. Yes, we really do use the yellow school bus here in the US! You’ll have to come visit sometime!


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