Wordless Wednesday- Magic Gardens, South Street, Philadelphia

DSC04144 DSC04145 DSC04146 DSC04147Truly magical…

sorry, I can’t resist the words 😉




  1. How cool is that? Way cool. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


    1. Thanks for viewing it Judy, and for commenting!


  2. commonweeder says:

    I love this wall. the term mosaic is very flexible – allowing for wonderful creativity. come on over to the commonweeder and you could win some books in my Giveaway!


    1. Sorry I missed your giveaway Pat! I hope some of my readers popped over and entered!


  3. Booketta says:

    Wow! What a mural, like a mozaic but out of glass bottles and bowls. Amazing!


    1. It is pretty amazing. this is just a little tiny part of it. These murals are found up and down the street.

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  4. roth0003 says:

    I was born in Norristown & grew up in Fairview Village/Ambler/Fort Washington/Ambler. I moved away for many reasons. Why don’t I remember the wonderful and exciting aspects of that area??
    Thanks for the reminder!


    1. I grew up in the Poconos and spent a lot of time in the Philly area and I don’t remember this either! It’s a fun place to visit!


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