There’s a Turkey in the Lettuce!


Early this morning while getting ready for the day I heard Michael call out “Hey Dear”..  dear means me.. usually it means something is up.   I looked up from what I was doing just in time to see him running toward the basement steps calling the dog to come with him.. On his way past he yelled  “theres a big turkey eating your lettuce!”  I ran out  to the deck and there in all her glory was a thirty pound turkey standing right in the middle of the bed having breakfast.  Next thing I saw was  Michael and Winnie running into the yard toward the garden to scare her away.. She flew out of there and ran for her life!   So, there’s turkeys out there, they like lettuce and anything else that tastes like it belongs in a salad…


They  visit often, we seem to have one living right behind our chicken coop


This big guy hung around in our yard awhile ago, he was beautiful! I’m not sure I would have been able to chase him out of the lettuce!


Our resident wild turkey even had breakfast in our yard with one of the mallard moms that’s nesting out there one day last week..

Unfortunately our camera is in the shop so I didn’t get a photo of the lettuce eating incident this morning…a video of Michael’s intervention would have been great! Can I post videos here?

Turkeys and other creatures are no worry for us! Sometimes it can be a little bit frustrating to see your carefully tended seedlings consumed by nature but that’s part of the deal. Let’s keep on planting and growing and enjoying everything! Get out there and enjoy today!




  1. Ellen Alpaugh says:

    Michele, that sounds as “frustruating” as seeing the squirrel on the bird feeder that I just filled. The birds hardly get a chance to have breakfast with those bushy tailed critters around!!!


    1. I think squirrels are way worse Ellen! Michael has trapped and relocated dozens of them over our years here so our squirrel population is a lot lower than it used to be..


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